Daniel Feinberg + Tobi remix

Daniel Feinberg releases “Want You the Most (Tobi Remix)” single

Daniel Feinberg is an Indie/Rock Seattle, Washington-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a remix single, entitled, “Want You the Most (Tobi Remix)”, ProducedByTobi. The original version appears on Feinberg’s “A Dream to Unwrap” album.

Daniel Feinberg – “Want You the Most (Tobi Remix)”

ProducedByTobi, an English born, Luxembourg-based producer/remixer, admits to being nervous when sending his remix of “Want You the Most” to Feinberg. To his relief, Feinberg loved it.

Daniel Feinberg + Tobi remix

ProducedByTobi replaced the album version of “Want You the Most” with a driving sequencer bassline and Blue Note inspired chords. Also, he dropped Feinberg’s verse and focused on Feinberg’s repeated ode to fidelity, “You’re all that I wanted, darling.”

To hear the album version of Daniel Feinberg’s “Want You the Most” single, check out his “A Dream to Unwrap” album via Spotify.

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