Corey Pieper
Photo courtesy of N43 Records

Corey Pieper releases his “Up to Par” single featuring Bee Scott & Denny Lanez

Corey Pieper is a Hawaiian pop-r&b artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not too long ago, he released a sizzling rap tune, entitled, “Up to Par”, featuring Bee Scott & Denny Lanez.

Corey Pieper – Up to Par

“Taking off I’ma Rocket, James Harden, yeah, I got it. Bands all in my pocket, a lot of bands no Wallace. Grey Benz and the Porches, whole team in them Jordan’s. Pull up looking like endorsements. I was broke couldn’t afford it. Flyboy like Philly, the St. Louis’ Meek Millie. I’ve been on my Tee Grizzley…”. – lyrics

‘Up to Par’ tells a tale of people living lavish lives, or those who are stunnin’ financially in their respected cities. From their homes to their vehicles down to their women and jewelry are all up to par, 💰expensively beyond standard.

The song contains a luxurious storyline, spit-fire raps, and a melodic chorus floating over a moving instrumentation embedded with trap elements.

We recommend adding  Corey Pieper’s “Up to Par” single to your personal playlist.   

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