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Listen to Saràh Phenom’s New Afro-R&B Single, “10%”

Saràh Phenom, or @sarahphenom on Instagram, is a hotly tipped Rwanda-born, London-based singer-songwriter and fashion luminary. Not too long ago, she released a lyric visualizer for her razor-sharp Afro-R&B single, “10%,” produced by Guilty Beatz and TMXO via Platoon.   

Saràh Phenom – “10%” Lyric Visualizer

When it comes to music, the lyrics often serve as a window into the human experience. They capture the essence of emotions, thoughts, and struggles that individuals face in their daily lives. One such example is the song “10%” by Saràh Phenom, which delves into the intricate dynamics of being involved in a challenging relationship.

“I thought about calling you today, but then I just put my phone away,” Saràh sings passionately. “Think it’s just the way we ended, can’t believe you call her baby when I used to be your baby.” Here we are confronted with raw and relatable emotions, which sets the tone for the internal conflict and hesitation that often accompanies the aftermath of a problematic relationship. The combination of past endearment and the jarring reality of being referred to as just “ten percent” in the present creates a poignant contrast.

The following verse delves into the complexities of moving on and the attempt to understand the motives behind a former partner’s new relationship. The questioning of genuine love, the emphasis on superficial allure, and the struggle to come to terms with being replaced all contribute to the multi-layered narrative of the song.

“I’m only on ten, you put me on five.”

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“’10%’ is a love song, with a twist. It really is about things that girls and everyone go through in relationships. It’s the push and pull between two people that just can’t get on the same page, as much as they’re attracted to each other, they’re equally frustrated with each other and the track takes you through that journey.” – Saràh Phenom explained

“Ten Percent” goes beneath the surface and explores common challenges that people, regardless of gender, encounter in relationships. The push and pull between two individuals, the struggle to align their perspectives, and the underlying frustration despite the mutual attraction are all intricately woven into the fabric of the song.

Throughout the track, the emotional journey is profound, resonating with listeners who have navigated the rough waters of heartbreak and the quest for closure.

“You used to be mine now it’s just ten percent.”

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Saràh Phenom’s childhood in Rwanda and later years in Europe instilled in her a profound sense of individuality and a deep understanding of diverse cultural perspectives. Her work transcends geographical and emotional boundaries, inviting us all to partake in her extraordinary journey through music and fashion.

“10%” finds Saràh showcasing her sizzling new-era Afro-R&B sound which has already been added to Spotify’s New Music Friday (UK) and R&B UK playlists (amongst many other key playlists). The song is a tasty appetizer of what listeners can expect to hear on Saràh’s upcoming EP.

Saràh Phenom – “10%” single

Saràh Phenom – “10%” cover art

“I know she’s good on paper, but do you love her? You don’t know her name, huh… Heartlеss. You do love the game, huh? A lot of women that like you and wanna ride it beside you, but know they just ain’t us. You try to replace me, but it just don’t cut. I try to give love ’cause I don’t give f****. You wanted a bad girl and you got one.” – lyrics

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