Sophie Powers – “Woah!!” press photo
Photo by Claire Hodgkins

Experience Sophie Powers’ New “Woah!!” Single featuring kets4eki

Sophie Powers, also known as (@sophiep0wers) on Instagram, is making waves in the music industry as a rising artist from Toronto, Canada. Her unique style and energetic sound have captured the attention of music lovers worldwide. Recently, she unveiled a stylish music video for her new hyper-pop single, “Woah!!,” featuring kets4eki (@kets4eki). This catchy and vibrant track has been gaining traction and solidifying Powers’ position in the music industry.

Sophie Powers – “Woah!!” (feat. kets4eki) [MV]

“Woah!!” delves into a captivating tale portraying the irresistible pull between two individuals. The lyrics convey the excitement and trepidation of falling in love, capturing the essence of infatuation, and the thrill of taking a leap into the unknown. Sophie Powers sings, “This could be a big problem, we’re both in and over our heads. I don’t listen to warnings; close my eyes and I jump instead.” Later, she admits, “Can’t pretend that I’m not scared of falling in love.”

“Woah!!” encapsulates the feeling of being drawn to someone despite the potential risks involved. With infectious beats and compelling storytelling, the song will resonate with Yaz, NATASHA, and PinkPantheress supporters who have found themselves entangled in the complexities of love and relationships.

Sophie Powers

Sophie Powers – “Woah!!” press photo
Photo by Claire Hodgkins

As anticipation builds for Sophie Powers’ musical endeavors, fans can look forward to her forthcoming EP, “Glitch: Lvl 1,” set to be released on July 12th, 2024. This highly anticipated collection promises to showcase Powers’ artistry and musical evolution, offering a glimpse into her creative prowess and innovative sound. “Woah!!” will be among the featured tracks on the EP, further solidifying its significance in Powers’ discography.

Sophie Powers – “Glitch: Lvl 1” EP

Sophie Powers – “Glitch- Lvl 1” EP

Sophie Powers explained, “If Vanellope Von Schweetz from ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ had a playlist, it would be this EP. Full of fast-paced hyper-pop, industrial, and pop-punk sounds, it’s the perfect record for summer 24′!  The listener needs to be ready to hear this EP, as it tackles topics such as ARFID, depression, anxiety, breakups, ADHD, love, and navigating life as a teen today. With technology having changed so much in the past 15 years, the visuals and aesthetics tie in nostalgic and pixelated graphics from my childhood, alongside the tech we see today. The listener should be ready for a blast from the past and launch into the future. This is my last year of being a teen. I might as well go out with a bang!”

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Sophie Powers – “Glitch” Tour

Sophie Powers – “Woah!!” (feat. kets4eki)

Sophie Powers – “Woah!!” cover art

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