Classified press photo
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Classified’s “Wonder” Single Grapples with Personal Loss & Societal Challenges

Classified (@classifiedhiphop) is a rapper and producer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his heartfelt new hip-hop single, “Wonder,” featuring Nova Scotia singer-songwriter, Ian Janes, via HalfLife Records/Big Story Entertainment.

Classified – “Wonder” music video

“I wonder if this liquor’s gonna have me twisted here tonight. Have us up until the morning, wonder why we missed the flight. I wonder, I wonder why I don’t watch battle rap. Ever since Pat passed, except his benefits. Shoutout to Organik for that and everybody else who did the planning for that. Y’all took my breath away like a panic attack. I wonder if the baby that we lost in my wife’s belly was supposed to be my son. And I wonder if it happened for a reason, happened for a reason. My God, I still believe in, but I’m questioning these demons.” – lyrics

“Wonder” paints a picture of an individual grappling with personal loss, societal challenges, substance use, and questions about identity and existence. It’s a profound reflection on life, questioning the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of reality and trying to find meaning amidst struggles.

“Why they say I’m underground but still ain’t got no gravesite?”

Classified press photo
Photo by Dave Hamilton

“I’ve had a lot of time to think over the years…really any time I’m not on the go my mind is usually racing. I think a lot of people are like that too…just wondering about things. It’s like when you go to bed at night and all of your thoughts come at once, this is what that song reflects. Thinking about various personal what-ifs, questioning society, wondering why things are the way they are. The things we wonder can feel personal, but really, we aren’t that unique. This song connects my personal thoughts to what everyone else might wonder about too, giving a glimpse into both my life and our shared experiences.” – Classified explained

“Wonder” skillfully illustrates an individual wrestling with intimate sorrow and daily contemplations. It offers a deep introspection on life, inquisitive about the mysteries and mechanics of this world while endeavoring to unearth significance amidst life’s trials.


Classified press photo
Photo by Dave Hamilton

Possessing a remarkable and genuine talent for bridging the gap between performer and audience, Classified stands as one of Canada’s most esteemed and accomplished rap artists, producers, and songwriters. With an impressive discography of 18 studio albums, Classified has collaborated with some of the hip-hop world’s brightest stars, including Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Royce da 5’9”, DJ Premier, Joe Budden, Brother Ali, Maestro Fresh Wes, and more.

Classified is getting ready to launch his soon-to-be-announced album, which features his recent track, “People.”

Classified – “People” (Official Video)

In 2021, Classified took a new acoustic approach with “Retrospected,” an album that revisited his greatest hits and fan favorites. The success of “Retrospected” transformed into a remarkable 40-date sold-out tour across Canada. Classified’s achievements also extended to the 2023 East Coast Music Awards, where he secured the title of Artist Innovator of the Year. Furthermore, his autobiography, “Off The Beat ‘N Path,” achieved No. 1 status on Amazon’s Pop Biographies chart.

With a global streaming count surpassing 250 million, Classified stands as one of Canada’s most influential hip-hop artists. He is a multiple JUNO Award winner and even hosted the 2014 JUNO Awards. In total, he has amassed 30 nominations and 10 wins across the MuchMusic Video Awards, JUNO Awards, and East Coast Music Awards.

Classified – “Wonder” single

Classified - Wonder cover art

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