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Chuuwee releases “Purgator”: An album off his 5-part Dystopia series

Chuuwee is a rap artist from Sacramento, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Desire” single.

Chuuwee – “Desire” music video

“I’m so professional. I’ve been ignoring my ex and o’s. I gotta let all this pressure go, doing 100 on dusty roads. I figured I was so professional. She wants me to come over to a session, no.
I stay by myself in depressive mode. ‘Cause all of my peers are sectional and I’m slept on just to let you know. Don’t know how to get all this stressing off. Doing good they gon’ text yo phone. I need you to get off the testicles and just let me alone.” – lyrics

‘Purgator’ takes a darkened turn for the worse. It displays a showcase of manic depressive and self-conscious viewpoints of one’s own success. Also, it questions why are we alive? Furthermore, the Alan Michael-directed music video finds Chuuwee riding on a transit train. Also, he’s strolling through a city.

‘Desire’ is featured on Chuuwee‘s latest album, entitled, “Purgator”.

“Purgator” album

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