Ay Wing press photo by Steve Glashier
Photo by Steve Glashier

Ay Wing releases a music video for her “Orange Dreamer” single with Chuuwee and Shuko

Ay Wing is a Berlin-based Swiss producer and singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a sensual music video for her “Orange Dreamer” single featuring hip-hop artist Chuuwee. As well as a larger than life production by German-born, Shuko.

Ay Wing – “Orange Dreamer” music video

“I wrote the song when I was recovering from my last tour. The song is about getting back to and finding myself. My friend once told me that he always sees the color orange when I’m with him, so it seems to be my color. [Yotam] joined us for the second filming day. We shot the entire video outside and we were really lucky to find ourselves with the natural fog in the twilight scene. It was a truly mystical moment and it fits perfectly to the song.” – Ay Wing

‘Orange dreamer’ contains an abstract storyline, dreamy melodies, and conversational rap vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm neo-soul aroma.

The track is paired with a fashion-led audiovisual, armed with smoke machines and a fluid dance sequence. The music video was filmed in a gorgeous woodland surrounding, matching the track’s beat-driven pop sensibilities.

Fashion includes sporting outfits from Berlin designers ALLES and Corvera Vargas, as well as L.A. brand—”We Are Leone”.

“Orange Dreamer”

Ay Wing - “Orange Dreamer” cover

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