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Chloé Caroline releases a heartfelt pop single, entitled, “Memories”

Chloé Caroline is a rising singer-songwriter from Manhattan Beach, California. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt pop single, titled, “Memories,” co-written with producer, Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Andy Grammar, Sia), Ben Spivak (Magic!), and Andrea Wasse (The Weeknd).

‘Memories’ finds Caroline taking listeners on a walk down memory lane. Beginning with a voicemail from her mother, the song leads into a dreamy pop ballad with audio from childhood home videos subtly woven throughout and serves as a reminder that we all need to love ourselves a little bit more.

Chloé Caroline – “Memories” single

“I sat down for over an hour. Each letter felt like I was meeting my 12-year-old self. There were parts of her that resembled me now as an adult. Her confidence, resilience, and individuality. Oppositely, there were parts of her that were still so naive, fear-driven, and though funny—rather self-deprecating. But this was the same girl who refused to wear a bra when she didn’t need one – yet even though everyone else was. The same girl who boldly admitted she wasn’t ready to kiss boys, and who fiercely protected her friends even at the expense of her popularity. She was also the girl who survived hell and still had a smile.” – Chloé Caroline explained

At 12 years old, Chloé Caroline was inspired by a former teacher at her Catholic school to begin free-writing, later leading her to channel her inner thoughts and feelings into letters.16 years later, just as Caroline was feeling discouraged with her career path, and on her birthday no less, she received a call from her mother that she had found those very letters. After almost dying from a debilitating illness that left Caroline isolated for the majority of 6th grade, she’d transferred to a new school where she experienced mean girls and relentless bullying.

Chloé Caroline

Chloé Caroline - Joshua Tree photo
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“It was a strange combination that left me with many mixed feelings. I wished I could have gone back in time to give her a hug, I wished I could tell her that she would find herself, face her fears, jump wildly outside her comfort zone and one day be living her dreams. I asked myself, would she be proud? What would she have to say? I laughed and I cried. I was also reminded of just who I am and just how far I had actually come. From the nervous little girl too afraid to sing in front of the class, to performing on stage in front of so many people almost every day!

As I drove to the studio later that day, I thought about how the idea of meeting our younger selves would make for a great song to write. The first verse of the song wrote itself on my hour-long drive to Burbank where I pulled into a Ralph’s grocery store to grab a snack. It’s kinda funny, I finished the verse while humming into my phone in their fluorescent-lit bathroom that even inspired a lyric in the bridge.” – Chloé Caroline explained

‘Memories’ is the title track of Chloé Caroline’s five-track EP, which features the standout single, “Afraid of the Dark.”

Chloé Caroline – “Memories” EP

Chloé Caroline - “Memories” cover

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