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Chloé Caroline releases a brand-new EP, entitled, “The Awakening Vol 1”

Chloé Caroline is a rising singer-songwriter from Manhattan Beach, California. Not too long ago, she released a brand-new EP, titled, “The Awakening Vol 1.” The project features “Underneath The Moon,” produced by Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Andy Grammar, Sia) and Jamie Kenney (Fletcher, Colbie Caillat), “Memories,” “Afraid of the Dark,” “Twinflames,” “Gemini,” and “Saving Space.”  

Chloé Caroline – “Underneath The Moon” single

“Energy is contagious and positive energy is powerful. My goal is for it to be the kind of timeless pop song that hits you in the soul and makes it impossible to be in a bad mood—transcending age, race, gender, time, and space. A nod to the past and present with a funky groove you have to dance to.” – Chloé Caroline explained

‘Underneath The Moon’ was inspired by Caroline’s love for “Dancing In The Moonlight” (Toploader) and “You Get What You Give” (New Radicals). With its feel-good, infectious vibes, “Underneath The Moon” shines a pristine light on perspective and connection. The song also contributes to what makes “The Awakening Vol 1” a dope and wonderful EP to listen to.

Chloé Caroline – “The Awakening Vol 1” EP

Chloé Caroline - “The Awakening Vol 1” EP cover

“Instead of starting at the beginning of the story, let’s start in the present, exactly where we’re supposed to be. When we surrender to the unknown, we begin to feel a certain kind of inner peace that allows us to love without attachment, remain open to what shows up, let go of what falls away, and lead with our hearts in a heavily fear-based world. What we can manifest is limitless. That’s the overarching theme of ‘The Awakening Vol 1,’ the first of two EPs written throughout the various stages of my homecoming. I hope this story will inspire everyone in some way but mostly the ones who are feeling stuck. The ones who are close to giving up on love, the ones that don’t want to settle, and the ones with a dream that keeps them up at night.” – Chloé Caroline explained

‘The Awakening Vol.1’ is a culmination of songs and music that embodies Chloé Caroline’s journey. The six-track project covers themes of self-discovery, love, heartbreak, healing, risk, and reward. After going through a spiritual awakening, Caroline’s eyes were wide open to the power of letting go. With this, she has grown into her most authentic self; overcoming the struggles of the pandemic and emerging with a whole new cosmic energy. The stars aligned when she fully began following her heart and learned to trust in the unknown. This powerful experience has been channeled into her music bringing together a marvelous work of art, a cosmic spark. Furthermore, “The Awakening Vol.1” comes directly off the heels of a staggering 650% increase in Spotify streams, sold-out shows across Los Angeles, and notable press coverage via NBC, KTLA, Global News, and Roku TV.

Chloé Caroline’s “The Awakening Vol 1” EP

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