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Chloé Caroline releases a heartfelt pop single, entitled, “Afraid of the Dark”

Chloé Caroline is a singer-songwriter from Manhattan Beach, California. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt pop single, titled, “Afraid of the Dark.”

The Cosmic Story Behind “Afraid of the Dark”

Love is in the air for Chloé Caroline. Following a gushing love story with her twin flame, “Afraid of the Dark” captures the night the stars aligned and brought them together. Call it the right place, right time, or chance, the best things come when we least expect them. Co-written and produced by Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Maroon 5) in Laurel Canyon and Vancouver, the single is a cosmic masterpiece. Naked at the start with simply her emotional vocals and calm piano notes, it builds into an electric guitar paradise with hypnotic percussions.

Caroline’s storytelling shines in “Afraid of the Dark.” The single’s subtle moments of shimmery electronic sounds create an otherworldly dreamscape for listeners to slip away to, perhaps leaving them in a place of surrender to all that has yet to happen…and with hope for what could. Is Caroline talking about the stars on Hollywood Blvd, the stars in the night sky, or the stars of destiny? Maybe all three, if we take the time to dig a little deeper and just be here in the moment. Furthermore, “Afraid of the Dark” is the title track of Chloé Caroline’s new 4-track EP.

Chloé Caroline – “Afraid of the Dark” EP

Chloé Caroline - “Afraid of the Dark” EP cover art

When Caroline says the songs on her EP are connected, she really means it. To be afraid of the dark is to fear the unknown, to fear uncertainty. Breaking through that and learning to trust was part of the spiritual journey that led Caroline to write “Saving Space.”

Chloé Caroline – “Saving Space” (Live Acoustic)

“Hours before going on stage that night, I almost gave up on love. But I couldn’t handle the feeling that there was no meaning behind the heartbreak and healing journey I’d just been on. I decided that keeping faith was more important than trying to figure it out myself. My partner is my reminder that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, that miracles show up when we’re not constantly looking around the corner and sometimes in a different package than we expect. How it all happened keeps me following my dreams in a wild industry. It’s already materialized into a beautiful journey, better than I could have imagined. Who am I to doubt what’s possible? As cliche as it sounds, he’s why I’m no longer afraid of what I can’t see. When I start to be, I just look next to me.” – Chloé Caroline explained

Chloé Caroline believes it’s no coincidence that the night she sang “Saving Space” for the first time at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood was the night her now boyfriend first saw her—he was in the crowd.

Chloé Caroline – “Twinflames” single

Last month, Caroline released the stunning single, “Twinflames.” Two tracks, “Gemini” and “Saving Space” were released during the second half of 2022. The singles have already seen impressive success including sold-out shows across Los Angeles and coverage from NBC’s “Today In Nashville,” KTLA, V13 Media, and notable media outlets and tastemakers. This success earned Caroline a finalist spot on Toyota CBC Searchlight in 2022 and introduced her as one of the first 100 artists to be accepted for Canadian Music Week in 2023.

Chloé Caroline – “Gemini” music video

‘Gemini’ debuted on Apple Music’s New in Pop and as the official music video on VEVO’s Incoming Pop. It is currently being played by over 18.3K retailers in the US, placing Caroline as #1 on the All Access chart with over 1.1 million weekly impressions and 100K+ weekly spins. The single also secured Caroline her first #1 on the radio on KLTZ Mix 93.3 in Montana.

Chloé Caroline

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Chloé Caroline was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, with dual Canadian citizenship and roots in Kingston, Ontario. Her music radiates a warm, authentic, SoCal vibe with a subliminal message for people to live their truth and spread their light. Her ultimate goal is for nobody to ever feel alone. After experiencing a life-threatening illness at age 11 that left her isolated, she taught herself guitar from YouTube using songwriting as her outlet.

While still in college at Belmont University, Caroline became the first independent artist with her music and videos added to Radio Disney, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon Music. Shortly after graduating in 2018 with no prior acting experience, she auditioned and co-starred alongside Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison in Hallmark Channel’s “Love, of Course.” Also, she wrote and performed the soundtrack and songs for the film. In addition, she has had multiple film/TV placements with her original songs ranging from the end title of Lionsgate’s “The Great Gilly Hopkins” to MTV’s “Catfish.” As an influencer, she has organically and independently built a loyal following via social media with over 200K fans that have dubbed themselves the Chloé Caroline Crew.

Chloé Caroline – “Afraid of the Dark” single

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