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Cara Hammond drops a sweet indie-pop tune, entitled, “Try to Love You”

Cara Hammond is a British indie-pop singer. Not too long ago, she released “Try to Love You”, a sweet indie-pop tune from her upcoming EP, entitled, “Nice Girl”.

Cara Hammond – “Try to Love You”

“Never been the type to run around for some guy. But there was something about you that made me change my mind. And I was young and stupid and now I’ve wasted my time. But there was something about you. There was something about you. I fell foolishly. You aren’t good for me.” – lyrics

‘Try to Love You’ tells the tale of a naive woman who’s in a brand-new relationship with a no-good guy. “His type”, she doesn’t necessarily date, but on this rare occasion, she decides to give him a chance because there’s something about him that she adores.

A few months go by, and everything is fine and dandy. Then one day, he reveals his dangerous side. A red flag pops up and she realizes she has made a giant mistake and feels young and stupid for falling for him because she knew better.

Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond
Photo by Jake Pollard

“I came up with the chorus melody for ‘Try to Love You’ in the kitchen. I was scatting it really loud while making a cup of tea and decided to record it on my phone. Then, I took my melody while traveling around South East Asia with my boyfriend, and unfortunately lost my phone in Singapore. I was so upset because I had lost all my voice memos too, which included tones of ideas, lyrics, and melodies to songs I had recorded while traveling. However, my boyfriend went through all the melodies and lyrics he remembered and we re-recorded them into his phone. ‘Try to Love You’ was one of them because he said it was too catchy to forget.” – Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond + Try to Love You

“This bittersweet track is about those relationships we know aren’t working but try our best to keep them together anyway. I wrote the lyrics following a conversation with a close friend of mine, who knew it wasn’t good for them but kept on trying to love them.” – Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond is originally from North Wales, now based in London. She has been writing songs since she was 11-years-old and have been performing them since she was 14. She describes her music as soulful indie-pop. Also, her musical influences include Lianne La Havas, Dua Lipa, Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini, and Ben Howard.

We recommend adding Cara Hammond’s “Try to Love You” single to your personal playlist.

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