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Cantrell performs his “Understand” single (LIVE) via A COLORS SHOW

Cantrell is an Atlanta-based skater-turned-rapper from Albany, Georgia. Not too long ago, he performed his “Understand” single LIVE during his A COLORS SHOW session.

Cantrell – “Understand” A COLORS SHOW

“I got a question for you, you remember your first fight? Your first love or first lay or first flight? Your first loss or the first time you got high? Or a warm house with a heated stove on cold nights? What about the first time that you felt hate? Or what about your first time that you felt God? The point is, it can’t last if it’s only pain. I’ve danced in heavy rain and seen the sunshine. I feel you, you feeling down and feeling sad. Like QBs with no speed, it’s gotta pass. It’s no breeze, I’m no saint, I’m just a man. I’m just here to let you know that I understand.” – lyrics

COLORSXSTUDIOS is a music platform that showcases exceptional talents from around the globe. Also, every A COLORS SHOW seeks to provide a clear, minimalistic stage that shines a spotlight on the artists, giving them the opportunity to present their music without distraction. One of these spotlighted artists is Cantrell, a Nas signee who continues his claim to fame in 2020.

His “Understand” single tells a thought-provoking tale that encourages listeners to think about life and some of its incomprehensible characteristics. Cantrell explains that many life lessons are learned but are they truly understood? Later, he admits that it takes time to understand life.

‘Understand’ was produced by MiSCHiEF BOY and K33lan. Also, the song is featured on Cantrell’s latest EP, entitled, “DEVIL NEVER EVEN LIVED”. The emotional project depicts Cantrell’s experiences leading up to his now burgeoning rap career.


Cantrell - “DEVIL NEVER EVEN LIVED” cover

“Plant a seed, do the work, grow a tree. Sewing seams, on point like folded knees. Poetries, quarter keys, hood floetry. Ole-Es, Dark Brown, I drew these therapies. Woe is me, many problems that really no one sees. Go with me, carry baggage that really no one needs. Let it breathe, ’til you feel at ease. Until they believe, I give you more of me. See, I been looking for guidance, I been running from problems. I’ve been racking up mileage, I been slipping and falling. Get a text from my father, I’m inclined to ignore it. But I only get one of ’em, maybe I should’ve called? Forget it, another story of a black boy lost. How many stories you done heard thus far?” – lyrics

Recently, Cantrell returned from EU where he opened for Blackwaves to a sold-out 2,000-plus audience show at the AB in Brussels.

We recommend adding Cantrell’s “Understand” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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