Cantrell is a hip-hop artist out of Albany, GA. Not too long ago, he released “Pickin Up”, a popping’ rap tune from his upcoming “Stardust 2 Angels” EP.

Cantrell – “Pickin Up”

“Where was you when we was coming up? Where was you when it was just me? And, where was you when we ain’t have much? Please believe, nah I ain’t picking up.” – lyrics

Cantrell poses a series of questions about why he isn’t pickin’ up his phone for people who didn’t support his rise to the top. Recently signed to Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, the artist delivers relatable raps over a juicy production by Flawless Tracks.

Cantrell – “Stardust 2 Angels”


Cantrell’s “Stardust 2 Angels” EP captures the journey from a small southern town to the City of Angels. The title derived from the artist’s hometown skating rink in Albany, which represents where artists are formed during their developmental stages. Also, the city of Los Angeles symbolizes their final destination, where their dreams are finally appreciated by their critics and fans.



Cantrell’s musical influences include artists such as Michael Jackson, Field Mob, Outkast, Eminem, Nirvana, and Jay-Z. In 2015 he won Converse’s “Rubber Tracks” contest. Shortly afterward, his music was discovered on Soundcloud by MiSCHiEF BOY, the executive producer of Cantrell’s upcoming EP.

In conclusion, Cantrell is a talented emcee, certainly one to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Therefore, we recommend adding his “Pickin Up” single to your personal playlist.

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