C.S. Armstrong press photo outside (close up).
Photo by Jack McKain

C.S. Armstrong releases his debut single for Republic Records, entitled, “Own Two,” featuring Jay Rock

C.S. Armstrong is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released his debut single for Republic Records, entitled, “Own Two,” featuring Jay Rock, a rapper from Watts, California.

C.S. Armstrong  – “Own Two” lyric video feat. Jay Rock

“Living on my own two, no it ain’t no question. We see them black and whites, we ain’t answering questions. Gotta stack a dollar then we gotta stretch it. Eat what you kill, before you eat you gotta bless it. If it’s less than a half a moon then it’s a crescent. If it’s less than a half a pound, now That’s a session. I ain’t talkin’ Air Maxes when we checkin’. You fall then you crash, that’s recession.” – lyrics

‘Own Two’ tells a relatable tale about a man who lives life on his own two. Apparently, life isn’t easy where he’s from, but he doesn’t lean on anyone for survival. Later, he admits that there’s nothing in this world that makes him upset. From a boy to a man, his goal is not to make a mistake that he will one day regret.

‘Own Two’ spotlights C.S. Armstrong’s staggering range as his voice simmers over laidback verses and ear-welcoming hooks. Jay Rock pulls up with dynamic bars as a potent and poetic counterpoint. The song seamlessly fuses southern soul, towering gospel, West Coast hip-hop, and timeless R&B.

“Nowadays handouts considered a sin. Helping hands was a blessing when you fall in a ditch.”

C.S. Armstrong press photo sitting inside of a vehicle.
Photo by Jack McKain

C.S. Armstrong is a child prodigy turned preacher and an eight-year army veteran turned soul-shaking artist. He was born to a single mother, and in the service with a preacher grandma in his corner. Armstrong traveled an unbelievable road one step at a time. At 10-years-old, he preached in the church as an ordained minister. At 16-years-old, he earned respect in the streets with his fists. When he turned 18, he enlisted in the military to serve his country. Eight years later, he rolled into New York and lent his voice to one hip-hop banger after another. His instantly recognizable vocals shined on Statik Selektah’s “In The Wind” [feat. Joey Bada$$ & Big K.R.I.T] and Bun B, Prodigy, and Remy Bank’s “Where’s Your Leader.”

Also, Armstrong’s voice coursed through Action Bronson’s tastemaker-approved Billboard Top 200 chart-topping, “Mr. Wonderful,” in addition to joining the star on the road. Settling in Southern California, he powered Book’s “Last Man Standing” for the official Call of Duty: WWII trailer, and dropped a pair of critically acclaimed independent projects, namely Truth Be Told [2019] and The Blue Tape [2020].

Black Thought – We Should Be Good (United) feat. C.S. Armstrong & Oshun

Armstrong’s voice echoed on Black Thought’s “We Sould Be Good (United)” [feat. C.S. Armstrong & OSHUN] from the critical favorite Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cain & Able. Along the way, Dr. Dre became his “uncle,” Republic Records signed him, and he distilled gospel, blues, hip-hop, and rock into a sound as intoxicating and biting as aged whisky.

“Own Two” single

C.S. Armstrong's “Own Two” cover art.

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