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Brother Leo releases a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Hello Life”

After a successful national as well as international career, Ola Svensson, one of Sweden’s most well-known songwriters and artists, suddenly left the spotlight. Now he’s returned with a new name, Brother Leo, new sound, and a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Hello Life.” The song describes in many ways the journey that Brother Leo has been on for the last few years, both personally and as an artist and songwriter.

Brother Leo – “Hello Life” lyric video

“In a way, I’d say ‘Hello Life’ is about me searching for answers, both inside and outside of my body. A search that in many ways became the start of Brother Leo and a more unafraid, playful, creative freedom. So it just felt right to open the album with that song. Some songs just come to you in an almost magical way. ‘Hello Life’ is definitely one of them.” – Brother Leo explained

‘Hello Life’ contains a staying alive and living in-the-moment narrative, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Benjamin Ingrosso, Ola, and Robin Bengtsson. Brother Leo, who writes from his own experiences, encourages listeners: Let’s have some fun, let’s spend the money while we still have time. “Hello Life” also possesses moody guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm alternative-pop vibration. Furthermore, the song is featured on Brother Leo’s EP, entitled, “PoP Poetry [pt. 1].” The long-awaited project features previously released singles including “Hallelujah,” “People,” “Naked,” and “Living In A Zoo.” Also, the EP introduces star-studded collaborations with the likes of Neiked, Fat Boy Slim, Björn Yttling (Peter Bjorn and John), Fred Gibson (Fred again…), London Community Gospel Choir, and Steve Mac (Chvrches, Ed Sheeran).

Brother Leo – “PoP Poetry [pt. 1]” EP

Brother Leo - “PoP Poetry [pt. 1]” EP cover art

“I’m just trying to be as free and honest as possible in everything I do. Whether it’s in my lyrics, soundscapes, or visuals. We are all prisms with a thousand colors, and I wanted to express as many of mine as possible on this album. It’s more honest and inspiring that way. When I listen to all the songs I’ve written for this album, it’s about everything from escapism, betrayal, and instant love to questioning God, society, and myself. Brother Leo is mainly about creative freedom to me.” – Brother Leo explained

Geographically, Brother Leo moves between London, Berlin, and Stockholm. Genre-wise, he moves with Olympic flexibility on multiple levels. Also, Brother Leo possesses the rare ability to connect across the whole spectrum of the pop landscape. With his creative alt-pop flourishes, he writes with vulnerability and a dark, sometimes provocative, humor that he combines with colorful melodies.

Brother Leo

Brother Leo press photo

Calling Brother Leo a newcomer is, however, a qualified truth. In 2010, Ola started his own record label, Oliniho Records, and by now he has cultivated a swarming basket of breathtaking pop fruits, both as an artist and songwriter. So far, he has achieved seven chart-toppers, European tours, and Swedish Grammy nominations. Brother Leo inhabits a world of his own, an alternate reality where he effortlessly blends genres and styles into his own bittersweet pop poetry.

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