Bravo releases a romantic r&b/pop tune, entitled, “Closer”

Bravo is a rising singer-songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin. Not too long ago, he released “Closer”, a romantic r&b/pop tune from his “Golden” EP.

Bravo – “Closer”

“I’m watching you in slow motion. I just wanna see that body move. Moonlight in your eyes and my jacket smells like your perfume. Just come closer, closer, closer. Your touch is all I need, and you are all I see. I love it when we’re sober, sober, sober, we don’t need nothing to affect this chemistry.” – lyrics

‘Closer’ tells a romantic tale of a young man who’s in a relationship with a female he’s in love with. He doesn’t want them to rush things, therefore, they move gradually, cherishing each moment in each other’s arm. His pillow smells like her hair, so it’s safe to say her fragrance is his favorite scent.

‘Closer’ contains a dreamy storyline, smooth soul vocals, and groovy Ridley Bronson-produced instrumentation oozing with tropical, r&b, and dance elements.

Bravo – “Golden” EP

Bravo - Closer

“‘Closer’ is a song that captures a dreamlike moment with a special person where nothing else seems to matter but being in that moment and enjoying that person’s presence. It gets down to core human connection and carries that feeling throughout the entire song.” – Bravo

Check out Bravo’s ‘Golden’ EP and let us know what you think about it.  



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