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Bishat releases a sensational R&B single, “Problems”

Bishat (@iambishat) is a rising Swedish/Ethiopian singer-songwriter and producer based in Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a sensational R&B single, “Problems.”

Bishat – “Problems” single

“I’m a little complicated, overthink things and you hate it. Get in a mood but saying nothing, never been too good at talking. You get understimulated, work too much and keep me waiting. Valentines don’t mean a thing to you, but I know I’m everything to you. I’m not tryna be what you need, and you wear your flaws on your sleeve. It hurts when we burst at the seam. We break things, no issue, I’m not trying to fix you.” – lyrics

‘Problems’ tells an honest tale about a woman who wants to solve the problems that she and her significant other are having. She’s scared of being co-dependent and doesn’t believe in happy endings. However, she’s optimistic to the point of not playing the blame game with her partner. Later, she tells her companion, “If it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me. We let it be, we’re not out here counting problems, we just find a way to solve them.”

“I’m not blaming you if you’re not blaming me.”

Bishat - “Problems” press photo
Photo by CHAI

“‘Problems’ is an honest love song about resisting the urge to focus on the negatives. It’s about knowing and acknowledging your own and your partner’s flaws and defining a relationship after your own desires and needs. It might sound obvious, but I think, in reality, we’re not very good at it. I feel there are so many preconceived ideas of how a relationship should be and that sets us up to fail. I wrote it at the beginning of a relationship when we were trying to figure out how NOT to mess it up like we always had done before. We just sat there telling each other all our flaws and desires a few days later I wrote the song. It’s a very honest love song about resisting the urge to focus on the negatives.” – Bishat explained

‘Problems’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with SZA, Post Malone, and FKA Twigs supporters. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a contemporary R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Problems” is the second single from Bishat’s upcoming EP.


Bishat press photo
Photo by CHAI

Bishat only has a handful of releases and already she has been recognized as one of the most exciting new artists. A true DIY artist in every sense, she’s been putting out her music independently. Her “Problems” song follows on the heels of her critically acclaimed single, “Manners,” which garnered Bishat a nomination for Rookie Artist of the Year at the Denniz Pop Awards. The prestigious award contained a jury including Max Martin and Tove Lo honoring the international stars of tomorrow who can carry on the Swedish legacy. Furthermore, “Manners” was picked up by radio mogul, Ebro Darden, as one of his favorite releases and played on his Apple Music 1 show.

“Problems” single

Bishat - “Problems” song cover art
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