Big Boi of OutKast press photo wearing a jean jacket
Big Boi, OutKast, Atlanta GA., 1995 Photo by ©John Halpern - Rights by Sony Music

Big Boi releases visuals for “In the South” ft. Gucci Mane & Pimp C

Big Boi (Outkast) is a legendary rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, he released an animated music video for his “In the South” single featuring Gucci Mane and the late Pimp C.

Big Boi – “In the South” animated video

“Two rollies at the same time, I’m too cool. Gucci, is you locing? ‘Cause that motherf**ker Crip blue. Suwoo Bentley and the Forgies Suwoo, too. And I know two Jews, eat a case like it’s fast food. I bought a T-rex on these ni^^as ’cause life’s cruel. My jewels so cold that you might get the slight flu. Bird’s eye view, I’m looking down at the lil’ dudes. And if I had to, pussy ni^^a, I’ll rob you. You wanna see me locked 24 just like cop do. You hate from the sideline, that’s what yo’ job to. Gang mentality, I think like the mob do. Police brutality, I’m strapped like a cop, fool.” – lyrics

The pimped-out animation video shows the artists cruising down the street in an old-school vehicle.

Furthermore, ‘In the South’ is featured on Big Boi’s “BOOMIVERSE” album.


Big Boi - “BOOMIVERSE” album cover

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