Pakman Jitt + Gucci Mane

Pakman Jitt releases a new single, “Ghetto Superstar”, feat. Gucci Mane

Pakman Jitt is a rapper from Central Florida. Not too long ago, he released a new single, entitled, “Ghetto Superstar”, featuring rapper Gucci Mane.

Pakman Jitt – “Ghetto Superstar”

“Plug keep callin’, he say that sack on the way. Want some Perkys and some plates, that’s a double plate. Born a trap ni^^a, I don’t know no other way. My apologies, I caught your b*tch the other day. Middle fingers to my haters, that baby Nina with me. Free my ni^^a Gucci, he was dreaming with me. I was water whippin’ whiter than some Colgate. Now I’m applyin’ pressure from an eighth to a whole plate. Trappin’ all night, we used to race to the cars. 100K strong, that’s a trap superstar. We ain’t sparring nann groupie b*tch. All about that sack, boy, Pak, I’ll go lunatic.” – lyrics

Not too long ago, Pakman Jitt posted this tweet on his Twitter page.

Check out Jitt’s latest music video for his “What You Wanna Do” single.

The music video shows Jitt waking up in a luxurious room. Also, the next scene shows him in a gentleman’s club with exotic strippers.

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