Shae Brock is an LA-based singer-songwriter and musician from Arizona. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Transparency (Gucci Mane Remix)” single featuring Gucci Mane.

Shae Brock – “Transparency (Gucci Mane Remix)” featuring Gucci Mane

“Transparent, babe, I see right through it. VVS that’s how Gucci Mane do it. I ain’t new to it, baby, so get used to it. Fakin’ like I ain’t doin’ but I been doing. I make you blush, I’m your man-crush Monday. she claim she love me, she in lust with the money. I ain’t mad, I ain’t trippin’, I ain’t worried ’bout it. You know who I put it down, you know I heard about it. Braggin’ to her friends she got a real one. Last week damn near spent a million.” – lyrics

When Shae Brock demoed her “Transparency” song, she didn’t expect for Gucci Mane to rap on it. But that’s what happened when the song’s producer, Blaze Crawford, sent the track to Gucci, who quickly replied, “I want to do this – it’s a hit.”

Shae Brock + Gucci Mane

Shae Brock - “Transparency (Gucci Mane Remix)” featuring Gucci Mane

“The session was surreal. I didn’t know what to expect when he walked in, but we hung out on the video shoot, and he was really sweet, really nice. The track brings both of our worlds together. There’s a flavor of pop and a flavor of urban. It gets its fire from the dreamy interplay between myself and Gucci.” – Shae Brock

‘Transparency (Gucci Mane Remix)’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious melodies, and conversational rap vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with contemporary R&B and urban pop elements.

Shae Brock

Shae Brock press photo by De Anastacia Photography

Photo by De Anastacia Photography

“Arizona formed me. It’s very calm, and I feel connected with nature. I love the desert. Growing up here, the western feel has influenced my writing and guitar playing.” – Shae Brock

Shae Brock knew she wanted to be an artist since she was a Spice Girls-loving three-year-old, singing “Wannabe” into a Fisher-Price karaoke machine. Her home town is on the fringes of both the Sonoran Desert and mountainous wilderness, a classic Southwestern landscape that has seeped into her bones. Also, she’s a devoted diarist. Everything goes into her journals and some of it ends up generating songs. Her musical inspirations include Madonna, Stevie Nicks, and Lorde.

Shae Brock – “Transparency (Gucci Mane Remix)” featuring Gucci Mane

Shae Brock - Transparency cover

“I feel I have no boundaries. I like being myself in my work. It’s an organic way of developing.” – Shae Brock

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