Baker Grace - “Sad Summer press photo

Baker Grace releases a stylish music video for her “Sad Summer” single

Baker Grace is a rising singer-songwriter from Weehawken, New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a stylish music video for her “Sad Summer” single.

Baker Grace – “Sad Summer” music video

The music video, directed by Darren Craig (Rihanna, Brooke Candy, Hailee Steinfeld, Cher Lloyd), was filmed in Los Angeles. It finds Baker Grace in front of a charming beach background. Where she looks on at Tik Tok stars Dominic Toliver, Kailey Maurer, and Kelianne while they go about enjoying sweets and selfies, unaware of Grace’s presence. Also, Grace’s strong visual sensibilities are also echoed in her fashion choices, donning pieces by San Joy, Filles a Papa, Balenciaga, and Margiela.

Baker Grace – “Sad Summer”

Baker Grace - “Sad Summer” banner

‘Sad Summer’ speaks to the introvert in all of us. The passing of the solstice and welcoming of longer, warmer days means more hangs with friends and trips to the beach. But sometimes, you just want to be alone and that’s cool too.

The technicolor, PC Music reminiscent production of the track stands in contrast to the more melancholic lyrics rooted in the lines, “Gonna be a sad, sad summer, such a bummer. I could be falling in love but baby I don’t give a f*ck.”

Baker Grace

Baker Grace - “Sad Summer” press photo

“‘Sad Summer’ is an anthem for the people who need a break from social media. The pressure to be happy all the time, to look good all the time, and to always be doing something cool.” – Baker Grace

The release of “Sad Summer” comes off the heels of Grace’s five-track EP, entitled, “Girl, I Know”. The project is a concept body of work where each song corresponds to the five days of the working week. Also, each song embodies a distinct mindset and mood.

“Girl, I Know” EP

Baker Grace - Girl, I KNow cover art

‘Girl, I Know’ is a record for pop heads, sad boys, and anyone who feels they’re at a crossroads in life and looking to be heard. Also, it was created with the help of Dan Nigro (Sky Ferreira) and Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers) on production.

Baker Grace hopes that her songs might inspire others to embrace a similar feeling of self-reliance. With over a million monthly Spotify listeners, her message of self-love is clearly getting heard.

Baker Grace – “Sad Summer” single

Baker Grace - “Sad Summer” cover art

“I want people to come away with the confidence to really trust themselves, and realize that everyone else in the world goes through the same things they do. Of course, you’re alone in the decisions you have to make in life—but so is everyone, so in that way, there’s a strong sense of community. I’d love to help people feel that through my music.” – Baker Grace

We recommend adding Baker Grace’s “Sad Summer” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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