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Attention® releases a music video for his “Legendary” single

Attention® is a Scottish singer-songwriter/producer. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Legendary” single.

Attention® – “Legendary”

“I swam to the riverbank, water pulling me up. Climbed out with a better plan, never ran out of luck. I made peace, my blade is buried. Slayed the beast, my adversary. I’m legendary. My land is a little blank, so I’m building it up. Why not, when I really can? Though the going is tough.” – lyrics

The music video finds Attention® walking outside in his robe. He’s barefooted and holds a drinking glass, which is almost a quarter of the way filled with an unidentified drink.  

‘Legendary’ contains a sentimental narrative, melodic soul vocals, and a hip-hop-inspired instrumentation perfumed with a neo-soul scent.

Attention® – “Legendary”

Attention® - “Legendary” artwork

“‘Legendary’ is an epic soul anthem of self-affirmation. Soaring melodies over a driving beat make this a powerful victory song.” – Attention®

Attention® learned to write songs on his father’s old guitar. Shortly afterward, he was exposed to the incredible feeling of performing on stage. Eventually, his world opened after learning how to play the piano and learning how to produce music. Now he composes, writes, records, produces, and engineers. A true DIY artist, he also designs and creates artwork, directs, and edits his videos.

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