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Ruby Shabazz’s “Loss” Single: A Heartfelt Tribute to Love and Grief

Ruby Shabazz (@rubyshabazz) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Roxbury, MA. Not too long ago, she released a sentimental neo-soul single, “Loss,” produced by Paris musician Samira “Samerican” via Fenetic Music.

Ruby Shabazz – “Loss” Single

“Loss” is a stirring tribute to the complexities of grief and the emotional turbulence that follows the loss of a loved one. Blending classic soul and hip-hop elements, “Loss” is a song that promises to resonate with Cleo Sol, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Lucy Pearl, and Jill Scott supporters. With its heartfelt lyrics and deep vulnerability, “Loss” offers a musical sanctuary for those navigating the labyrinthine corridors of grief.

The first verse captures the initial shock and disorientation that comes with losing someone close. Ruby Shabazz sings, “Loss of life and loss of my perspective. I lost myself when I lost your connection.” These lines eloquently describe the profound sense of disconnection and bewilderment that accompanies such a significant loss. The verse continues to delve into the internal struggle of finding meaning and hope, “I try to tell myself it’s the beginning. There must be life beyond the earth and heavens, and when I see you again I will be living.”

“Loss” touches on a universal human experience—the struggle with control and acceptance. Ruby sings, “I just don’t know how to give up control, and I lose my cool ‘cause I don’t like to lose.” These lines capture the raw and often conflicting emotions that many people face when dealing with loss. The lyrics remind listeners that while losing control can be unsettling, it is a natural part of the grieving process.

“There must be loss where there is love.”

Ruby Shabazz - Loss cover

“Loss” is an emotional tribute about the loss of a loved one and the heartbreak, grief, and mental challenges we go through afterward. I promised myself I would get deeper and more vulnerable with my music. Now I’m making music that is open and honest and music I believe can help people going through difficult times.” – Ruby Shabazz explained

In the latter part of the song, Ruby Shabazz reflects on the journey toward acceptance and healing. “Lost my mind yeah I lost my direction. Lost track of time in denial not accepting that I would never hear your voice again.” These lyrics poignantly highlight the difficulty of coming to terms with the permanence of loss. Yet, despite the pain, Ruby finds a way to celebrate the life and memories shared, “Reality bites but still the gifts are given.” This message is a comforting reminder that while grief is a challenging journey, it is also an opportunity to cherish the moments and connections that have shaped us.

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