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Anjulie releases a dazzling new pop tune, entitled, “No Wifey”

Anjulie is an award-winning, platinum-selling, Guyanese/Indian singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a dazzling new pop tune, entitled, “No Wifey.”

Anjulie – “No Wifey” single

“I’m ‘bout this work, I’m bout this money. I’m bout this dream, ain’t gone stop running. Just ‘cause of this b*tch face I’m wearing, that don’t mean that I don’t be caring. But if I call you over, just because, at 3 am, don’t mean I need you coming over here the whole weekend. And all these movies keep telling me, telling me I’m dying lonely. Yeah, that’s what they selling me. I tried and tried to be the one and make the one all mine. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t no way, no more. No, not this time.” – lyrics

‘No Wifey’ tells an honest tale about an independent young woman who doesn’t see herself as the wifey type. Apparently, she’s as bad as she can be, and feels she doesn’t need anyone in life besides herself. Every day, she’s sliding, swerving, hustling, and working on bettering herself. Later, she tells her significant other, “Baby, I don’t need a diamond ‘cause I’m already a diamond.”

“You say you don’t need no wifey, so why you keep tryna wife me?”

Anjulie press photo

‘No Wifey’ is a song about being in a relationship with somebody who thinks that marriage is an outdated construct. Claims to believe in the empowerment of women but then immediately tries to domesticate you.” – Anjulie explained

Anjulie has co-written with Zedd, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. In an effort to reclaim her work and master shares, she recently launched a collective of ten songwriters called SUNG – Songwriters Under New Government –  who are launching their first NFT this fall.

As an independent artist, Anjulie counts over two million monthly Spotify listeners and has had her music featured on HBO, ABC, NBC, and MTV.

“I write songs for myself and other people.”

Anjulie press photo

“Me, I’m never gon’, never gon’ be no wifey. What happens when my belly aches and I’m a mess? Who gone run to CVS and get my meds? Who gon’ make me chicken soup from chicken scratch? And who gon’ put a hot towel on my head? Baby, it’s so easy when it’s going good. Eating all my veggies, eating all my fruits. Got my body tight under this birthday suit. Naked singing naked in my living room. And all these movies keep telling me I’m dying lonely. Yeah, that’s what they selling me. I don’t hear the words they say.” – lyrics

‘No Wifey’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals. The likable tune possesses lush instrumentation flavored with a contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “No Wifey” serves as another stellar offering from Anjulie.

“No Wifey” single

Anjulie - “No Wifey” song cover

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