Alessiah - “Nostalgia” press photo
Styled by Ank Staruiala

Alessiah releases an attractive music video for her “Nostalgia” single

Alessiah is a young singer-songwriter from Romania. Not too long ago, she released an attractive music video for her “Nostalgia” single via Universal Music Romania.

Alessiah – “Nostalgia” music video

The Ionut Trandafir-directed video finds Alessiah inside her bedroom; she’s wearing a pink and white outfit with matching makeup. In the living room, she’s wearing comfortable loungewear; looking cozy, she escapes inside a fluffy-looking couch. Viewers are then treated with the visual of Alessiah riding a peddle bike under an enchanted chandelier. Later, inside a glitter-laden area, she is seen having fun and enjoying herself.

‘Nostalgia’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and charming melodies that will resonate well with fans of Minelli, Inna, Vanotek, and Sasha Lopez. The dancefloor-friendly tune also possesses upbeat instrumentation flavored with electro-dance, electronica, and modern pop elements. Furthermore, “Nostalgia” serves as another stellar offering from Alessiah, who continues to entertain listeners with her ear-tasty audio tunes.


Alessiah - “Nostalgia” press photo

“‘Nostalgia’ is a very special song to me, as it represents a follow-up of the message that I wanted to convey through the single, “I Know,” released in 2020. However, this time, the lyrics are more balanced and mature. The inspiration behind the song is the single, ‘I Know,’ but also the present. It talks about the back in time effect; the present is, actually, the projection of the nostalgia that we are going to feel in the future, when we look back at the moments we are experiencing right now.

When I wrote the lyrics, I realized that the issues I was dealing with while writing, ‘I Know,’ were solved through patience, consistency, and a lot of hard work. To me, ‘Nostalgia,’ is defined by balance. Also, it represents a personal milestone, as I was able to compare the past to the present. And I was proud of all the things I have managed to accomplish so far.” – Alessiah explained

Alessiah has been releasing music at a prolific rate to an audience of endearing fans. One of the new generations of artists, she breaks new ground with every step she makes. Each song she releases is imbued with a natural simplicity which Alessiah believes to be the most precious quality an artist can have in their possession. She is a free spirit who fills every waking moment of her career with the energy of youth and the vitality of an artist hungry to succeed.

“I’m covered in nostalgia.”

Alessiah press photo

Therapeutically, Alessiah uses art to overcome her shyness. Her music is filled with the raw emotion of a young woman at the beginning of her journey. Also, she is determined to become a role model that young women can be inspired by.

“Nostalgia” single

Alessiah - “Nostalgia” song cover art

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