Alessiah - "Darling" press photo with lots of gems covering her forehead; she's standing in front of a red background
Photo by Emil Kasa

Alessiah releases an appealing audiovisual for her “Darling” single

Alessiah is a 14-year-old pop sensation from Romania. Not too long ago, she released an appealing audiovisual for her “Darling” single, produced by Vanotek via Universal Music Romania. The song was composed by Sorin Seniuc, Ionuț Catană, Alexandra Ţîrţîrău and Alessiah.

Alessiah – “Darling” music video

“I’m so proud of DARLING, it’s a very nice song. I put so much of myself into it that it feels like I am sharing part of my soul with you. I think that both the vulnerable and emotional pockets are completed by the song. Also, I like the song’s disco vibe. ‘Darling’ becomes creative and it provides more positive vibes because sometimes there is really something underlying for everyone. I am thrilled that people will get to listen to this song and create their own memories on it.” – Alessiah stated

The music video, directed by SAN, showcases Alessiah in adorable frames. The video starts with her great love, music, in a pop-art background. But also on the tennis field, with a retro look and sweet decorations. In the video, there are two other characters captured during their first date. They are picturing how their first kiss is going to be like. Also, their internal feelings are brought to life through a series of eye-catching events. The two actors in the music video are interpreted by David Rugiero and Elena Chiriac.


Alessiah press photo posing as a tennis player
Photo by Emil Kasa @byemilkasa

“I love music. It’s my passion, obsession, and dedication. I’m fully committed when it comes to music. Also, I do everything that I can to evolve, to learn something new every day, and to become the best version of myself. There isn’t a recipe for success. You have to be involved, dedicated, and work really hard. And that’s what I’m doing right now.” – Alessiah stated

Alessiah is ready to conquer the audience’s heart with her sweetheart looks. She is one of the most promising young artists of the new generation, and her musical journey is in full bloom. She has a lot of potential, talent, and is a good composer. Her musical background is made of studies and hundreds of canto classes and guitar lessons. Her angelic voice and free spirit offer a fresh perspective on music. Also, she has an amazing sense of beauty, which makes her very involved in the visual world of her music videos. Furthermore, Alessiah’s career started at the age of 10 when she released her debut single, entitled, SUNDAY. The song was followed by “Rebels.” Last year, she released four songs, entitled, “Hurricane,” “Waiting For,” “Love Me,” and “I Know.”

10 things to know about Alessiah

Alessiah - "Darling" press photo with lots of gems covering her forehead; she's standing in front of a red background
Photo by Emil Kasa

1. Alessiah started learning music at the age of seven. When she was 10 years old, she had already released her first song.

2. Her favorite artist is Melanie Martinez and her celebrity crush is Sebastian Stan.

3. Travelling and fashion are her favorite hobbies.

4. She prefers TV shows over movies. Her favorites are Dynasty, Gossip Girl, and Suits.

5. Her life motto is: “In order to grow, you have to act like a grown-up artist.”

10 things to know about Alessiah

Alessiah press photo with lots of gems covering her forehead
Photo by Emil Kasa

6. During her free time, Alessiah likes the most to hang out with her friends and go to the cinema or museum; or just to chill together.

7. Her favorite food is tortellini al forno but only a specific one.

8. If she had one week to live in somebody else’s shoes, it would be Doja Cat’s.

9. Her favorite holiday destination is Mexico. But if she had to choose between perfectly learning a new language or moving abroad, she would choose to learn Russian.

10. In her opinion, Gospel is the hardest genre to sing.


Alessiah - “Darling” song cover art

‘Darling’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and colorful melodies that will resonate well with fans of EHNA, Ronna Riva, and Roxen. The party-friendly tune possesses up-tempo beat-driven instrumentation flavored with electro-pop, chillwave, and modern dance elements. Furthermore, “Darling” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Alessiah in the near future.

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