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Aáyanna releases a visually appealing music video for her “Can You Take It” single

Aáyanna is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, she released a visually appealing music video for her “Can You Take It” single.

Aáyanna – “Can You Take It” music video

“I think you unlocked a new part of me, ain’t this what you want? Making faces that I ain’t never seen before. Switching places to keep you on edge, I wanna make this last for you. It slips right through my fingers, taking you to high ‘til we’re low, and I’m losing control. Love when you wrap my hair around your hand, and you hold me. Can you take it, I want you to know what you’re in for. Can you take it, build you up to watch it all fall down.” – lyrics

‘Can You Take It’ tells a sensual tale about a young woman who wants to know her significant other in an intimate way. Apparently, it turns her on knowing that her partner is an addict to her love. Therefore, she tells her companion, “I wanna give it to you like it’s the last time I’ll get. Don’t you get tired on me tonight, I wanna watch the sunrise on us.”

Laying beautifully poised vocals over gorgeous guitar work, “Can You Take It” showcases Aayanna’s ability to drift seamlessly through the genre. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Sade and The Marias, “Can You Take It” follows mildly on the heels of Aáyanna’s well-received debut single, “Risky.”

“Tell me that I’m the reason you wanna stay up all night.”

Aáyanna press photo

“My inspiration for ‘Can You Take It’ came from the guitar itself. I loved how sensual and raw it sounded, so it urged me to write a song that felt seductive and like only the listener and I exist when it’s being played. The lyrics are bold and straightforward but metaphorically, I’m also asking if you can take me at my best and worst. Can you take how big and complex my personality is and what obligations come with me? At its core, ‘Can You Take It’ is about wanting to feel desired even after showing someone those parts of yourself.” – Aáyanna explained

Aáyanna learned very early on that writing was the easiest and most effective way of communicating. She started writing her own songs as early as seven years old and recorded her first one with her dad’s travel set up at nine. In her teens, one small festival in Atlanta led her to meet producer, Juberlee, who has worked with Playboi Carti, Lecrae, Mulatto, and more. This is where Aáyanna started experimenting outside of the traditional R&B sound and added elements that would set her apart.

Aáyanna – “Can You Take It” single

Aáyanna - “Can You Take It” cover art

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