Aáyanna - “Don't Look Back” press photo
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Listen to Aáyanna’s Soul-Stirring Debut EP, “Don’t Look Back”

Aáyanna (@aayanna) is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, she released a soul-stirring debut EP, “Don’t Look Back.” The project finds Aáyanna experimenting with a sultry R&B sound, with each track cohesively curating an infectious vibe reinforced by Aáyanna’s enchanting vocals and soul-stirring aura.

Aáyanna – “Can You Take It” music video

“My inspiration for ‘Can You Take It’ came from the guitar itself. I loved how sensual and raw it sounded, so it urged me to write a song that felt seductive and like only the listener and I exist when it’s being played. The lyrics are bold and straightforward but metaphorically, I’m also asking if you can take me at my best and worst. Can you take how big and complex my personality is and what obligations come with me? At its core, ‘Can You Take It’ is about wanting to feel desired even after showing someone those parts of yourself.” – Aáyanna explained

The EP features singles “Can You Take It,” “Won’t Cry,” “Kill For Me,” and “Risky.” This collection of songs includes three brand-new tracks that further strengthen Aáyanna’s profile, which is without a doubt achieved on her “Don’t Look Back” EP.

Aáyanna – “Gaslight” [Official Music Video]

“Gaslight” is soon to be a notorious R&B anthem, in all its ambient sensuality, and positively kicks off the EP with a bang, introducing the project and Aáyanna’s musical talent.


Aáyanna press photo

Aáyanna learned very early on that writing was the easiest and most effective way of communicating. She started writing her own songs as early as seven years old and recorded her first song with her dad’s travel set up at the age of nine. From then on, she continued to write and record songs here and there, but released her first song in 2017, right at the end of her 10th-grade year. The summer going into 11th grade, her family moved to Atlanta, where she would perform at any festival, party, or bar that would allow her to.

One small festival led her to meet producer Juberlee, who has worked with Playboi Carti, Lecrae, Mulatto, and more. This is where Aáyanna started experimenting outside of the traditional R&B sound and added elements that would set her apart. She continued to release music on all platforms and did background vocals for artists like SwaVay and Andy Mineo. In 2021, Aáyanna started releasing more frequently and getting playlisted. Shortly after, her single, “Let Me Find Out,” caught the attention of Avant Garden, where she signed her first record deal.

Aáyanna – “Don’t Look Back” EP

Aáyanna - “Don't Look Back” EP cover

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