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Aaron Taos releases a lyric video for his “Communication” single

Aaron Taos is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Communication” single.

Aaron Taos – “Communication”

“‘Communication’ is about the importance of talking things out. I’m a pretty open person, so when there’s something not sitting right between me and someone (be it lover or friend) I’m quick to want to acknowledge the issue and attempt to fix it. My girlfriend at the time, when I wrote this song, was someone whose first response to a problem was to go inside of herself and clam up, which was frustrating for me. I would be the one to initiate and try to lovingly coax it out of her to talk. As I mentioned in the song, both my parents are therapists, so it could stem from that. In any case ‘Communication’ is about the importance of airing things out.” – Aaron Taos

‘Communication’ tells the tale of a young guy who is in a committed relationship with a desirable female. Apparently, they are having relational issues.

Therefore, to remedy their problematic situation, they decide to work things out by communicating with each other. 

‘Communication’ contains a relatable storyline, dreamy pop vocals, and groovy instrumentation flavored with alternative and indie-pop elements.

Aaron Taos – “Communication”

Aaron Taos - “Communication” artwork

“Believe your dreams but you don’t believe me. I won’t mislead ya, you’re so uneager, babe. But if we’re gonna work this out please we need communication.”

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