A is for Arrows - “Can't Stop” photo

A is for Arrows unveils an appealing lyric video for her “Can’t Stop” single

A is for Arrows has been capturing the attention of fans and industry alike with infectious, danceable alternative pop tunes since debuting in late 2019. Marking a new era for the project, A is for Arrows will be stepping out as a solo act with the release of “Can’t Stop”.

A is for Arrows – “Can’t Stop” lyric video

“I love the juxtaposition of this song. When you initially listen to it, it seems happy and care-free. But if you listen to the lyrics, they’re actually kind of sad. The song is definitely based on real emotions and a time in my life where I didn’t feel very confident in my relationship. I felt like the person I loved wasn’t fully invested. And even though it hurt, and no matter how terrible they sometimes made me feel, I couldn’t stop loving them. I think it’s pretty straightforward, and to be honest, it was tough for me to call them out like this. And be like, ‘Hey, you were being pretty sh*tty. But whatever, I’ll let it go ‘cause I love you so much.’ The moral of the story is music helps me purge – ha-ha!” – Alessia Balasbas stated

‘Can’t Stop’ contains a bittersweet narrative, pleasing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. Also, the emotional tune possesses soft synths-laden instrumentation flavored with a unique brand of alternative-pop. Furthermore, “Can’t Stop” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from A is for Arrows in the near future as she continues her claim to modern-day fame.

“One minute you’re my private dancer, next I’m dancin’ alone.”

A is for Arrows - “Can't Stop” photo

A is for Arrows is driven by the radiant vocals of Toronto native Alessia Balasbas. The young artist has made a stunning impression since debuting in the fall of 2019. Earlier, she stated that her earliest influences were Michael Jackson, Sade, and Destiny’s Child. Fans of No Doubt, Charli XCX, and the 1975 can all find something to love in A is for Arrow’s striking pop sensibility.

Less than a year out, A is For Arrows has already gained the attention of industry and tastemakers alike. So far, Arrows’ music has been added to Spotify’s “It’s a Bop”, “New Music Friday”, and “Fresh Finds: Pop” playlists. Also, Apple Music’s “New In Pop” playlist; and Amazon Music’s “Artists to Watch”, “Fresh Pop”, “Brand New Music” playlists to name a few.

“Can’t Stop” single

A is for Arrows - “Can't Stop” cover

‘Can’t Stop’ follows hot on the heels of A is for Arrows’ most recent release, entitled, “Talking in My Sleep”, which received national acclaim and landed in the Top 40 of the CHR charts.

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