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Zeph releases a wonderful debut EP, entitled, “Scared of Everything”

Zeph (Zephani Jong, 22) is a singer-songwriter and producer from Ellicott City, Maryland. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful debut EP, entitled, “Scared of Everything,” via Neon Gold Records (MARINA, Charli XCX, HAIM, Christine and the Queens).

Zeph – “Scared of Everything” music video

If Zeph’s life was a coming-of-age flick, she wouldn’t just be the star; she’d also be the writer, composer, and director. Not only enlivening every lyric but cooking up each beat herself.

Zeph took piano lessons at three years old until middle school when she learned how to play songs by ear and make mash-ups. Throughout high school, the self-professed “weird art kid” populated her Instagram with drawings and paintings of her “favorite internet people and artists.” These posts drew a fervent audience as her following grew to 186K on the platform.

In 2018, Zeph started writing lyrics and singing. She cooked up a sound of her own, layering strings and orchestral elements over organic keyboards, MIDI, and D.I.Y. beats. Her guitar-driven debut single, “Forever & Always,” initially caught fire on Instagram before eventually eclipsing 10 million streams on Spotify.

Zeph – “Friends Or Not” music video

Dropping out of college and juggling a waitressing job, Zeph continued to unleash songs such as “Lucky” and “Ways To Go.” Good Charlotte and MDDN co-founder, Joel Madden, commented on one of her posts and kickstarted a conversation, leading to her joining the MDDN family.

“are you?” music video

“My dream job since I was 10 was to be a movie score composer. I really want my music to sound like little soundtracks to people’s feelings or how I’m feeling or pretty images or videos that I see. That’s why I post videos—it’s like a mini film score every time. I take a lot of inspiration from movie score composers like Hans Zimmer. I try to use a lot of orchestral instruments in my music.” – Zeph told Alternative Press

‘are you?’ was written, recorded, and produced by Zeph herself. The song follows on the heels of her stunning Thomston collaboration, “Magnolia,” from earlier this year. So far, Zeph has accumulated over 20 million streams independently and received acclaim from critics and fans alike.

“Scared of Everything” EP

Zeph - Scared of Everything - EP art

“Everything makes me nervous. Also, I realized that every song on this EP is about me being insecure or paranoid. So I thought the title was fitting.” – Zeph explained

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