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Award-winning author Zangba Thomson celebrates the success of cover reveal for his debut novel, entitled, “Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper”

Zangba Thomson is deeply experienced in what it takes to bring attention to diverse projects. Not too long ago, he celebrated the success of the cover reveal for his debut novel, entitled, “Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper”, which won overwhelming positive feedback and praise. A great deal of thought and work was put not just into the writing but also in the surrounding art. 

“Three Black Boys” by Zangba Thomson

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“2020 marks a bold new era for Barnes, Demus, and Baker in this intense drama which tells two remarkable tales of crime and redemption. Special thanks to Damonza for designing this amazing cover. I am completely in love with it! The eye-catching cover captures the essence of the book in its entirety. Also, I can’t wait to work with them on the cover for the sequel.” — Zangba Thomson stated

South-side Jamaica Queens, New York, is a rough and tough neighborhood, and home to the three Black boys. Intertwining the realities of coming up in financial hardship and having to look out for self and family, while also navigating the world of risky crime and ultimately turning things around in redemption, “Three Black Boys” seems certain to be a book that attracts all kinds of positive attention. From suspense to action and deep character development, Zangba’s ability as an author is clearly on display. 

To learn more and to order be sure to visit Zangba Thomson’s Website. “Three Black Boys” is available now in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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