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Zach Zoya unveils a captivating rap tune, entitled, “Patience”, featuring Angel

Zach Zoya is a talented rapper/singer-songwriter from Montréal, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a captivating rap tune, entitled, “Patience”, featuring Angel (a UK-based contemporary R&B artist).

Zach Zoy – “Patience” music video featuring Angel

“Nobody really knows me but my girl or my mama. And it’s better that way, keep my name out your drama. I don’t want to feel like I’m giving too much away. Privacy is a luxury in the present day. I just want to be happy, easier said than done. Make the most out of life, you don’t get another one. F**k her so good might make her little one. F**k ‘til I turn that a** into cinnabuns. For now, it’s Pogo, Pizza Pockets on the dinner plate still. Drink a lot of water trying to meditate still. People from back home call me a renegade still. I ran away for the better…yeah! Every time I think of joy, I lose a little. Trying to fill the void with substances. Not gonna lie, the wait is unbearable. Somebody told me patience, it all gon’ pay.” — lyrics

‘Patience’ is a mid-tempo R&B reflection on the struggle between chasing success and being present enough to enjoy the process. The music video was filmed in Montréal and directed by Zoya’s close collaborator Le GED (the creative visionary behind the “Slurpee” and “In Da Way” music videos).

“Every time I think of joy, I lose a little.”

Zach Zoy press photo

“‘Patience’ is a precious song, it’s the highlight of the EP for me. It’s about the long and tough road to happiness and the paradox that comes during that chase. I talk about that in the song when I say, ‘Every time I think of joy, I lose a little’. And, ‘If I keep chasing happiness I’ll never find it. I think it’s just a matter of where your head is at.’ This song is me trying to remind myself that I’m in happiness right now, living this journey.” – Zach Zoya explained

Zoya’s music was born out of his experience of being a French-speaking teen who fell in love with American hip-hop. While he couldn’t understand the English lyrics, Zoya understood the emotion of the song through the universal language of melody. When he began writing his own music, he began shaping lyrics into their own melodic or percussive instrument. Therefore, his ability to create replay-worthy tunes leaves no room for doubt that Zach Zoya is an artist to watch. His “Patience” single serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on his debut EP, entitled, “Spectrum”.

“Spectrum” EP

Zach Zoy - “Spectrum” cover

‘Spectrum’ is a collection of energetic hip-hop, intricate rap, and emotive R&B songs showing off Zach’s versatility. Also, the project was co-produced by a trio of heavy-hitting Toronto producers including JUNO Award-winner Matthew Burnett, Grammy Award-winner Boi-1da, and multi-platinum selling producer Don Mills.

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