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Yarin Glam releases an introspective pop single, entitled, “Side Effects”

Yarin Glam is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Israel. Not too long ago, she released an introspective pop single, titled, “Side Effects,” via YarinGlamMusic.

Yarin Glam – “Side Effects” single

Yarin Glam - “Side Effects” cover art

“Going through any mental health struggles can feel very isolating. I wanted to raise awareness to the subject, and I wanted anyone who goes through what I go through to feel not alone.” – Yarin Glam admitted

‘Side Effects’ is a track that brings people together through emotional vulnerability and intimate storytelling. The moody tune was written about the polarizing effects of anxiety and Yarin Glam’s first-hand experience with panic attacks. Over diluted beats, lush reverberations, and pristine vocals, Yarin courageously recounts her innermost thoughts in hopes of easing the pain in others. “Side Effects” also uses melodic echoes to dive beneath the surface of our subconscious and step inside our heads.

Yarin Glam

Yarin Glam press photo

Yarin Glam, a mental health advocate, lends her identity to the music she creates. She writes about topics such as female empowerment and self-love. With more than 160K streams on Spotify alone, her audience is captivated by her innate ability to keep it real. Her songwriting is a perfect blend of Pop and R&B and is heavily influenced by a wide range of artists such as Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, and Billie Eilish. With more than 88K followers on Instagram, fans are patiently waiting for Yarin’s next release.

In 2020, Yarin dropped “Free,” which celebrates diversity and Yarin’s personal journey toward self-acceptance. In early 2021, her electric EP, “Realness,” was released, followed by an acoustic version of the EP later that summer. Upbeat and dreamy with notes of Middle Eastern pop, her debut project drew in a captivated audience.

Yarin Glam – “Realness” EP

Yarin Glam – “Realness” EP cover art

“I’ve shared my journey of self-acceptance. I opened up about my struggles with mental health issues and an eating disorder. I’ve been so real and honest with my lyrics hoping that they’ll help anyone out there who’s been going through what I have, or something similar. ‘Realness’ has very empowering songs about embracing yourself regardless of what society portrays as ideal.” – Yarin Glam explained

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