Yana press photo
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Yana releases an emotional pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Want Your Love”

Yana is a Long Beach, California-raised singer-songwriter from Varna, Bulgaria. Not too long ago, she released an emotional pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Want Your Love.”

Yana – “Don’t Want Your Love” lyrics

“I don’t want your love, so I don’t know what I miss that much. Why you’re in my blood but our love was not enough? So I don’t know what I miss that much. I remember when you walked away. And when I was begging you to stay, I remember feeling so afraid. And even now there’s something I can’t shake. And you might think I want to press rewind, why? No, no, no, I only want to move on with my life ‘cause I don’t want your love.” – lyrics

‘Don’t Want Your Love’ tells a heartbreaking tale about a young woman who’s at a point where she feels there’s nothing left between her and her ex-significant other. Apparently, it’s the end of the road for them, and she’s wondering, “Will I ever feel that love again?” Some listeners might assume she wants to press rewind and rekindle their love life. Probably not because she doesn’t miss the fighting in the car till 3 am, or knowing that her ex hated her friends. Later, she asks her former-lover, “Was it us together, baby? Was it the way I heard my name? Or is it just ‘cause I’m afraid of pain?”

‘Don’t Want Your Love’ describes the unfulfilling end of a relationship, the kind that leaves you only with questions. Yana is able to encapsulate the feeling of post-breakup confusion and yearning with a hooking melody you won’t be able to forget. The moody tune contains ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Charlotte Lawrence, Lennon Stella, Olivia O’Brien, and Bea Miller. Furthermore, “Don’t Want Your Love” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Yana’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Hindsight.”

“I don’t want your love & there’s nothing left for us.”

Yana press photo
Photo by Elizabeth Miranda

“I wrote ‘Don’t Want Your Love’ after the end of an unfulfilling relationship I had at 20. I shared the idea with Instagram, uploading a video of myself playing the song on the piano in my bedroom. To my surprise, tons of people related to it and asked for the full song. I recorded it with producers Franco Reid and Jon Joseph later that year in Los Angeles.” – Yana explained

Yana and her family found refuge in the United States after emigrating from a post-socialist Slavic Europe. She fell in love with the creative freedom that music provided and dedicated the majority of her growing years to developing her sonic style. In early 2019, she teamed up with writer/producer, Franco Reid, and began writing her EP, “Hindsight.”

“Don’t Want Your Love” single

Yana - “Don't Want Your Love” song cover art

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