Wingtip & Bre Kennedy - “Down (Exit Song)” cover

Wingtip & Bre Kennedy release a lovely indie-pop single, entitled, “Down (Exit Song)”

Wingtip is the work of LA-based, San Francisco-bred singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ, Nick Perloff-Giles. Bre Kennedy is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, they released a lovely indie-pop single, titled, “Down (Exit Song),” via Nettwerk Music Group.

Wingtip & Bre Kennedy – “Down (Exit Song)” single

“I like the look on your face when you’re trying to be patient. You’re trying to be cool; you’re counting up all my mistakes. Subtracting the good days, it’s just what you do. And I can see the color leave your cheeks as soon as I walk in. What’s another wasted couple of weeks? There’s so much left to see.” – lyrics

‘Down (Exit Song)’ is about a couple who realized it would be beneficial for them to stick to their respective side of town. Apparently, their once-budding relationship isn’t working out as planned. The man feels if he eliminates the love he has for his partner, then she won’t be able to let him down anymore. But that doesn’t matter because her mother doesn’t like him anyhow. Thinking about skipping town, she tells him, “I flew somewhere just to see ya, stayed up all night to meet ya, just to turn back around. So now, I look for the exit, break your heart over breakfast.”

‘Down (Exit Song)’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a sad narrative that will resonate well with fans of Jeremy Zucker, Mokita, Noah Kahan, and Chelsea Cutler. The emotional tune possesses saturated drums, groovy bass, and acoustic guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Down (Exit Song)” serves as a savory taste of what listeners can expect to hear from Wingtip and Bre Kennedy in the near future as they continue to release new music.

“If I don’t love you then you’ll never let me down.”

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