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Tobias Defoe releases a lovely indie R&B tune, entitled, “Sing To Me”

Tobias Defoe is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. Not too long ago, he released a lovely indie R&B tune, entitled, “Sing To Me.”

Tobias Defoe – “Sing To Me” single

“I wrote ‘Sing To Me’ in the spring of 2021. The song depicts the easy and often fleeting feeling of summer love. With similar tones to ‘Biking’ and ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean, this track resonates with any listener searching for some separation from their present lives, or a soundtrack to help them through their experiences. ‘Sing To Me’ is mixed and mastered by Araya’s head producer and engineer, Thaddeus Goode.” – Tobias Defoe explained

‘Sing To Me’ contains a dreamy love-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Frank Ocean and Givēon. The song gratifies instantly and possesses lush instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Sing To Me” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Tobias Defoe in the near future as he continues to release new music.

Tobias Defoe

Tobias Defoe - “Sing To Me” photo
Pelicula Daniela

“My mother is Japanese, Black, and Native American, my father is English and French, and I grew up in Italy. The idea of having a place to call “home” has always been foreign to me. Oceans have crossed me, my history is rich but painful, and my identity is often misunderstood or overlooked. My home is my corner. And man, my corner is so strong. I promise this generation that has been left lost and scrambling by fake idols and celebrities, we got the answers, Sway.” – Tobias Defoe stated

Tobias Defoe was born to multiracial parents and raised in Europe and the United States. He is able to blend his unique insights into his peculiar musical style, introspective, immersive songwriting, and wide vocal range. Also, Tobias is a founder and member of the independent collective from New York City, Maybe There’s Life (MTL), alongside MJangles (rapper) and Lincoln (singer/rapper).

Tobias Defoe

Tobias Defoe - “Sing To Me” photo
Photo by James Bee

MTL represents a new movement in music. The group began their careers in 2018 on Harvard’s and The New School’s campuses before forming MTL in 2019. With their electric live performances, promising debut mixtapes, and compelling collaborative identity, the collective captured the following of these campuses in two short years. So far, they have amassed over 200,000 streams and have opened for Vic Mensa, Kiiara, and Bazzi.

“Sing To Me” single

Tobias Defoe - “Sing To Me” song cover art
Photo by James Bee

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