Givēon – “For Tonight” press photo

Givēon performs his “For Tonight” single LIVE via his Vevo LIFT session

Vevo’s LIFT program connects today’s up-and-coming and most-relevant artists to audiences around the world through music video content. Not too long ago, they named Givēon a Vevo Lift Artist, and emotions ran deep as he delivered a spirited LIVE performance of his heartfelt single, entitled, “For Tonight.” Last week, the young crooner released a Vevo Footnotes of the song to kick off his LIFT campaign.

Vevo and Givēon collaborated to create a tasteful, futuristic world that perfectly complements the feel of “For Tonight.” Shot in LA, Givēon stands in front of a breathtaking cityscape, his rooftop surroundings slightly weathered but standing strong. The rooftop holds a stone structure with light radiating within its center, brilliantly amplifying the lyrical aspect of the song. Somber and cinematic describes the vibe as Givēon’s voice soars in front of the LA skyline.

Givēon – “For Tonight” (Live Performance) | Vevo LIFT

“After the success of his Artists To Watch performance videos back in 2020, we were excited to have the opportunity to work with Givēon again. Giveon is an incredibly talented and collaborative artist who was key in shaping this ambitious creative. We are thrilled to have him join our stellar lineup of LIFT alumni and to release this content.” – stated JP Evangelista, SVP of Content, Programming, and Marketing, Vevo

The last two years have been akin to the Lakers in the early ‘00s for the baritone crooner: wins after wins after wins. First was *that* Drake feature. Then, he dropped his “Take Time” and “When It’s All Said and Done” EPs, subsequently clocking 100 million streams. That was enough for Vevo to crown him as DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 royalty. Right after that, “Heartbreak Anniversary” belatedly topped the R&B charts. If you didn’t know him by then, “Peaches” with Justin Bieber did the trick, to the tune of more than a billion streams.

“‘For Tonight’ is about having a taboo connection to something or someone.’ – Givēon stated

Givēon – “For Tonight” Vevo LIFT banner

Anyone can be an artist, but very few can be remarkable. Givēon’s biggest fear is being like everyone else, but he shouldn’t be concerned. From his captivating baritone voice to his pensive lyrics and colorful soundscape, Givēon defies not only musical standards but expectations on how he should be as an artist as well. Always having an affinity for music, he fell in love with songwriting before singing, eventually leading to poems and rap. It wasn’t until Givēon discovered that his voice wasn’t as ugly or awkward as he originally thought – instead, it was his Frank Sinatra-Esque signature – that everything came together for him.

Givēon – “For Tonight” single

Givēon – “For Tonight” song cover art

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