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The Shadowboxers releases a lovely disco-pop single, entitled, “Novocaine”

The Shadowboxers (Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman) is a band formed in Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, they released a lovely disco-pop single, entitled, “Novocaine.”

The Shadowboxers – “Novocaine” single

“Aside from being an MJ groove machine of a song, it’s lyrically new ground for us, and we’re very proud of it. Being overwhelmed with information can make us numb, and ‘Novocaine’ calls that out and asks us to press pause and feel. We performed the song live for the first time in Atlanta this past weekend at Terminal West with Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things on the drums.” – The Shadowboxers explained

The Shadowboxers has a secret recipe for making addictive tunes, and “Novocaine” is no exception. The nostalgic tune contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, and Parcels. Also, “Novocaine” possesses groovy bass and thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary dance and ‘80s disco-pop elements.

The Shadowboxers

The Shadowboxers press photo
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“We’ve spent a decade in search of our identity, meandering our way through different styles and genres in hopes of landing on something that all three of us can see ourselves in. This is the album where we found it. We locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t come out until all three of us felt like we’d communicated our visions and seen them through. Just us. No one else. No one to hide behind or pass the ball to. We fought, we compromised, we faced issues that had been building up for a decade. And we came out on the other side with ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By,’ our most honest work to date.” – Scott Tyler of The Shadowboxers explained

From their start as a backing band for the Indigo Girls to most recently working and touring alongside mentor Justin Timberlake, The Shadowboxers have continuously captivated audiences across the globe with their distinctive flair. Bridging the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies, and contemporary pop and R&B rhythms, the band now takes the reins as songwriters and producers. Finally, they have settled into their own, and their new music is a wonderful representation of the trio’s newfound clarity.

“Novocaine” single

The Shadowboxers - “Novocaine” song cover art

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