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Tewa Leah releases a music video for her “One Up” single

Tewa Leah is a multifaceted singer-songwriter from the Bronx, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “One Up”.

Tewa Leah – “One Up” music video

‘One Up’ tells a twisted tale of a young woman who finds herself in a challenging situation with her significant other.

Apparently, the story began when she called him the day before and asked what time would he be coming home. Shortly afterward, she ended their conversation with, “I’m gonna wait for you, alright?”

He arrived home at 3:00 AM the next morning, while she was asleep in bed. He had no plan of waking her up because his movements are fishy. 

The next morning, she cooked him breakfast, and they watched Netflix. Later, he strolled through her phone and saw a message from another guy who wants her to come to see him.

Now, the boyfriend is upset and he questions his girl about the dude. But all she wants to know, “What were you doing last night? Were you laid up with her?”

‘One Up’ contains a relatable storyline, soft falsetto vocals, and ‘90s-inspired instrumentation flavored with R&B and hip-hop elements.

Tewa Leah – “One Up” single

Tewa Leah – “One Up” artwork

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