Helang - “Lovers of the Unknown” press photo

Helang releases a Lovely 3-track EP, “Lovers of the Unknown”

Chinese-American house and techno producer Helang (@helangmusic) is a Chinese-American house and techno producer based in New York. Not too long ago, she released a lovely 3-track EP, “Lovers of the Unknown,” via the artist’s independent imprint Dauntless Records.

Helang – “Black Angel” single

“The name of this song and the lyrics in it speak for themselves. Life is about finding comfort in chaos and channeling our inner demons by redirecting them into something positive. As an artist, I find inspiration in the good and bad, the beauty and also pain. At the end of the day, I still will be unapologetically me. “Black Angel” tops off the EP by delivering a boundary-pushing sonic soundscape to my audience.” – Helang explained

Black Angel’s piercing acid influences drive a sharp and sultry track fueled by a brooding bassline that seethes with deep, rhythmic poise across the track’s measures. The capstone of the EP joins the indie-dance-inspired lead single “Wise Devil,” and slick, cheeky follow-up, “No One.”


Helang - “Lovers of the Unknown” press photo

Helang’s artistic mission is to channel her experiences into music that resonates deeply and inspires others. With each track and performance, she embodies integrity, passion, and dedication to her craft. Fuelled by unwavering ambition, Helang proudly amplifies her authentic self and cultural heritage on every stage she graces.

Helang – “Lovers of the Unknown” EP

Helang - “Lovers of the Unknown” EP cover art

“Lovers of the Unknown’ EP showcases HELANG’s signature sound center-stage. Ahead of the project’s ultimate release, the EP’s two preceding singles “Wise Devil” and “No One” are joined by the hard-hitting addition “Black Angel” to curate a trio of techno tracks that exemplify Helang’s well-rounded, burgeoning signature sound. As a body of work, the triplet comprising “Lovers of the Unknown” demonstrates how Helang expertly weaves together the common threads between varying styles of techno-fueled dance music.

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