Sway Clarke
Photo by Lena Siebert + Styled by Nadine Sekan

Sway Clarke drops a romantic tune, entitled, “I Thought It Was Love”

Sway Clarke is a Toronto-born, Berlin-based Contemporary R&B singer. Not too long ago, he released “I Thought It Was Love”,  a romantic tune from his upcoming “The Messy Red” EP.

Sway Clarke – “I Thought It Was Love”

“‘Cause without you it feels like…sun came up for a minute. ‘Cause without you, it feels like I lost myself for…I thought it was love.” – lyrics

‘I Thought It Was Love’ tells the tale of a heartbroken man who comes to the realization that the woman he’s in love with isn’t the right one for him. What he thought they had is now null and void, finito, over. 💔

This comprehension leaves him destitute, wondering where did things go wrong. While the saying, ‘I Thought It Was Love’, echoes repeatedly inside his head. Eventually, he sinks deeper into despair. In his own words, “He lost himself.” 

‘I Thought It Was You’ contains gorgeous vocals, ear-welcoming melodies, and infectious instrumentation perfumed with the aroma of love. 

Sway Clarke

Sway Clarke

“I wrote ‘I Thought It Was Love’ in small coastal town at the Ostsee (former East Germany). Definitely, the last place I would have imagined finding my sexy, smooth El Debarge voice. But strange things happen when you move to Germany. Inspired by a fiancé gone wrong, it’s a reminder-to-self of what NOT to do in life.” Sway Clarke

We recommend adding Sway Clarke’s “I Thought It Was Love” single to your personal playlist.

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