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St Oshun releases a spectacular music video for their “In Your Eyes” single

St Oshun (Porsche Carmon and C-Dub) is a music duo based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a spectacular music video for their “In Your Eyes” single.

St Oshun – “In Your Eyes” music video

“In your eyes, girl, I see your light. I believe in you because this is our night. Girl, I’m beside ya, dance until you feel the love. Strobe lights, but no one’s there, bare touch. Your tears, I share now. Nine lives, I’ll always care. The chains you wear will fall like prayers now. I wanna dance with you all night long. Waste no more tears on the floor ‘cause this is your song. We come from love like no other, f*** it, no tomorrows. Oh, I’ll never let you go.” – lyrics

St Oshun started writing “In Your Eyes” after Charles received his mother’s photo album. As he looked through it, he saw one of his cousins, and memories came flooding back of all she had been through, and the idea for the song emerged. Though Charles’s cousin is still battling the same demons she has fought for 20 years, Charles and Porsche didn’t want to make the song sad, but rather a love letter to her, saying, “We still believe that you can win over your past.”

‘In Your Eyes’ contains a heartfelt narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande. The beautiful-sounding tune possesses groovy guitar-laden instrumentation bursting with contemporary dance, disco-funk, and electro-R&B elements. Furthermore, “In Your Eyes” serves as a tasty entrée of what to expect from St Oshun in the near future as they continue to release more ear-candy music that listeners can dance and groove to.

“All that pain opens up your eyes. There’s still a way to the other side.”

St Oshun press photo

“Open those beautiful eyes, Baby, it’s your time to shine. Everything will be alright, tonight we’ll free your mind, so let it go. I know you got moves, now show me on the dance floor. Keep it old school, let me see you two-step. And have a drink with me, Girl, I got two left.” – lyrics

In 2020, C-Dub and Porsche sold their home and moved to Hollywood in the middle of Covid to pursue their music dream. Within a year, they released two singles with music videos, and the visual for their “Spotlight” single was filmed at Michael Jackson’s mansion. Also, they had a song placement on AppleTV that hit #56 on Spotify’s Hot 100. In the days ahead, keep a sharp eye on St Oshun as they position their tunes in favorable spots on the electro-R&B and disco-dance landscapes.

“In Your Eyes” single

St Oshun - “In Your Eyes” song cover art

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