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Souls in Rhythm releases a warm retro-soul single, entitled, “I Can’t Do It Alone”

Souls in Rhythm (SiR) is a funk/soul band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Not too long ago, they released a warm retro-soul single, titled, “I Can’t Do It Alone.”

Souls in Rhythm – “I Can’t Do It Alone” music video

“Turn a light on so I can see it. If you love me, I need to feel it. Oh, show me a sign I’ll believe in. ‘Cause I been waiting so long, never had to be this strong. I can’t do it alone; I can’t do it alone. Without you, I’m a night sky, without any stars. Stumbling through the darkness, trying to find where you are.” – lyrics

‘I Can’t Do It Alone’ tells an endearing tale about a guy who shares a budding relationship with his significant other. Apparently, what they have is real love and that’s a fact. Later, he tells his companion, “Don’t overthink this, my dear. This life’s too short for our fears. So, share your love with me now, (Let’s) take hold of what we found.”

‘I Can’t Do It Alone’ contains a love-based narrative and ear-pleasing soul vocals that will resonate well with fans of Al Green, Bruno Mars, and Prince. The adoring tune possesses moody piano, saturated drums, and funky guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a cozy retro-soul vibration. Furthermore, “I Can’t Do It Alone” follows mildly on the heels of Souls in Rhythm’s previously released single, “Lady Night.”

“Do you hear me when I say it?”

Souls in Rhythm press photo
Photo by JENN FIVE

“‘I Can’t Do It Alone’ is about hope over fear, love over isolation, and a love song to love itself. We adore performing this song live, and hope it speaks to a part of you that makes you think of someone in your life who makes you feel like you have an understanding soul in the universe.” – Souls in Rhythm explained

Souls in Rhythm consist of Scott Henderson (keys/vocals), Caleb Roddick (bass), Spencer Cheyne (drums), and Vincent Bundick (guitar). So far, they have toured the nation and opened for prominent artists such as hip-hop icon, Common, and R&B super-group, Boyz II Men. Exiling themselves to a two-year hiatus from performing, Souls in Rhythm has remained dedicated to creating together. Armed with a new wealth of material, they are extremely excited about their next chapter.

Souls in Rhythm – “I Can’t Do It Alone” single

Souls in Rhythm - “I Can't Do It Alone” cover art

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