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Sophie Faith releases a jazzy neo-soul tune, entitled, “Bad Blood”

Sophie Faith is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released “Bad Blood”, a jazzy neo-soul tune from her upcoming debut EP, entitled, “The Ride.”

Sophie Faith – “Bad Blood” single

“I’m exhausted by your presence. I been one and on empty for too long. I want know why all the drama. And tell me why you causing pain? Do you like seeing me?” – lyrics

‘Bad Blood’ shares the hard-hitting story of Sophie’s mother’s alcoholism, which made her homeless at the age of 14. Sophie has been writing since she was a child. But what was once a therapeutic measure is now an expression of rejection and harbored resentment. While the relationship is now on the mend, “Bad Blood” represents a soulful capsule into a troublesome time, which was overcome by Sophie’s focus on music.

‘Bad Blood’ contains a relatable storyline, wonderful soul vocals, and groovy instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and neo-soul elements.

Sophie Faith – “Bad Blood” single

Sophie Faith + Bad Blood artwork
“I wrote this song distraught after a feud with my mother. When reaching the studio with the lyrics, Aston Rudi allowed me to bring the song to life.” – Sophie Faith

Sophie Faith bonded with producer/songwriter Aston Rudi (Ray BLK, Elli Ingram, Jaz Karis) after moving to Brighton. He helped to add structure and meaning to her music.

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