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somegirlnamedanna unveils an exquisite music video for her “abandonment” single

somegirlnamedanna is a rising singer-songwriter from Minnesota. Not too long ago, she released an exquisite audiovisual for her “abandonment” single, via LAVA/Republic Records.

somegirlnamedanna – “abandonment” music video

“You will be the death of me. You make it hard to eat or sleep. Afraid you’re gonna make me be alone and all my friendships burning down. The second that we build a house you lock me out with nowhere left to go. You make me question every relationship I have and leave me with a scar over my heart. No matter how I medicate, none of it goes away. So I can never tell what’s real or not. You make it hard for me to open up my broken heart again, abandonment.” — lyrics

‘abandonment’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who is afraid to fall in love because she doesn’t want to mess things up. Therefore, she always abandons her relationships before the other person she’s with can leave her. However, one day, she encounters someone new, someone, who completely changes the way she views life. Now, this individual is all she wants and needs. Therefore, she vows to never leave her love interest alone, even though this person is capable of breaking her already wounded heart.

‘abandonment’ serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on somegirlnamedanna’s debut EP, entitled, “twenty one, twenty two”. So far, the project has generated over one million cumulative streams and views online. Also, the EP features buzzed-about songs including “hello i am”, “kitchen table”, and “seriously just stop”.

“twenty one, twenty two” EP

somegirlnamedanna - “twenty one, twenty two” cover

“Every piece of my heart and soul was put into this and now it’s not just mine anymore. I hope you find a piece of this that can remind you that you’re not alone, whether it be through your anxiety or everyday struggles. We are all in this together. here is my story of turning twenty-two.” — somegirlnamedanna stated

somegirlnamedanna is not a brand. It is not an image. It is not an alter ego. Instead, it is the story of Anna, “a girl with a name like all of us are.” Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, her imagination flourished without television or social media. An antique grand piano in the living room called to her as she repeated melodies and jingles from the radio by ear as a young child. While painting in the kitchen, her mom played classics by Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos, fueling her daughter’s love for music and the arts, in general.

“When everything is burning down, I promise you I’ll be around.”

somegirlnamedanna press photo

somegirlnamedanna developed a knack for poetry and writing short stories at school, combining the two in songwriting eventually. Balancing college and bartending four nights a week, she spent countless hours in the studio writing and recording demos as well as developing her voice. After one listen to these early demos, LAVA Founder, Jason Flom, personally signed her in 2019.

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