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somegirlnamedanna unveils an audiovisual for her “kitchen table” single

somegirlnamedanna is a rising singer-songwriter from Minnesota. Not too long ago, she unveiled an audiovisual for her “kitchen table” single, via LAVA/Republic Records. The Anna Balfany- and Lillie Wojcikmusic-directed video, captured by a VHS camcorder, find somegirlnamedanna at her childhood home in Minnesota.

somegirlnamedanna – “kitchen table” music video

“We originally had an entirely different treatment for the music video. But when the pandemic hit, I drove home to Minnesota and had to find a way to create something just as special while social distancing at home. We got ahold of a ton of old home video footage and my brother and I decided to shoot the music video on the same VHS camcorder to capture the same nostalgic feel. Also, I wanted the video to honor all of the memories I had from growing up. So I ran in the fields like I was a kid again and kissed my horse’s nose like I did when I was little.” – somegirlnamedanna

‘kitchen table’ contains a sentimental narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the nostalgic tune possesses moody instrumentation decorated with an alternative-pop aroma. Furthermore, “kitchen table” follows hot on the heels of somegirlnamedanna’s debut single, entitled, “hello I am”, which has exceeded over half a million streams globally.

somegirlnamedanna – “hello i am” visualizer

“Grew up no tv, just had my mind to keep me company. Lost in my thoughts, never thought about my destiny. My role models are from novels because that was one reality that never caused problems. And you’ll never know that I’m emotional ‘cause I’ll always make you laugh even when I’m miserable. But really I’m okay. so please don’t sell me on your faith. Just have faith I’ll finally figure out all my sh*t one day.” – lyrics

Let’s make this clear. somegirlnamedanna is not a brand. It is not an image. It is not an alter ego. Instead, it is the story of Anna—a young woman who you should keep your eye on as she begins her claim to fame.

“kitchen table” single

somegirlnamedanna - “kitchen table” cover

“Sitting at this kitchen table, money’s tight, but here we’re stable. Only place I’ve never told a lie. Falling in and out of love, when I watched mom and dad break up. But here we get along just fine. How I miss my kitchen table.” – lyrics

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