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Shy Billz releases a stylish audiovisual for his “Statement” single

Shy Billz is an up-and-coming rapper from East New York, Brooklyn. Not too long ago, he released a stylish audiovisual for his “Statement” single.

Shy Billz – “Statement” music video

“I done came a long way, I know that people doubted me. They steady tryna take my place, then act like they was proud of me. When I had needed n***** help, n***** wasn’t around for me. It felt like I was by myself. You n***** ain’t look out for me, I did this sh*t all by myself. You n***** ain’t look out for me. And think you reaching for my chain, my shooter make ‘em rest in peace. I know that they don’t feel my pain. These ho*s ain’t getting next to me.” – lyrics

‘Statement’ tells an intriguing tale about a young, extraordinaire hustler who is balling Like Scottie Pippen in the fourth quarter. Apparently, he finds time out of his busy schedule to address people who didn’t believe that he would make it to the big leagues. Now, he moves differently because certain elements in his life are heartless.

‘Statement’ contains an urban-street narrative and harmony-driven vocals that will resonate well with fans of Stunna Gambino, J.I., and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary rap, trap, and modern hip-hop elements. Furthermore, “Statement” showcases Shy Billz’s penmanship which includes witty lines like, “Know some n***** who got Roddy ‘cause I got Richh in a year.”

“Let a n**** try me, we gon’ put him in the air.”

Shy Billz - “Statement” cover

“There are times in life where we have to stay down in order to reach that next level. Moments where you ask yourself if the life you want is really for you. Those same moments that shaped you into the boss you are today. If you feel like you’ve made that statement to all of the doubters and naysayers, this song is perfect for you.” – Shy Billz explained

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