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Shan.X releases a lovely music video for her “Me” single

Shan.X (Shanice Manning) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, rapper, and YouTube personality from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Me” single.

Shan.X – “Me” music video

“Look, I don’t want you to see her, she be buggin’ out, I don’t want you to feel her. I, abusing the drugs, I ain’t realize that I ain’t wanna deal with it. Me, I know that I’m selfish. Put this cake in his face and tell him to eat it. I’m not cold but f*** all that sh*t they ain’t seeing my weakness.” – lyrics

‘Me’ represents self-growth. At the root, the song is a love letter from Shan.X to her former self. She wrote “Me” while in a past relationship. “Me” is a declaration of self-worth and with a theme of authenticity, Shan.X sings of her flaws and faults as well as the pain her choices may have caused others, illustrating a complete picture of her character.

Shan.X attacks the beat with a strong vocal presence and catchy melodies, combined with raspy rhythmic adlibs. In her voice, you can hear a level of struggle but also victory as she illustrates her life through her music and the unique lens, through which she sees the world. She sings with passion, “Tell me why you wanna f*** with me. Tell me the reason I think he is in love with me.”

‘Me’ features intense strings and reoccurring piano keys as a consistent undercurrent in the song, keeping fans engaged and soothed. Shan.X’s lyrics are genuine and straight from the soul, as she sheds back the layers of her personality, and shines a light on different aspects of herself that comprise not only her strength but vulnerability as well. Also, “Me” will resonate well with fans of Jhené Aiko, Summer Walker, and BktheRula.

“He thinks I don’t give a f*** and he not the first to say that.”

Shan.X - “Me” press photo

“I had realized that I wasn’t being myself 100 percent. I realized I felt this weight on me because I didn’t want my partner at the time to see how bad it gets.” – Shan.X explained

Shan.X has a passion for music and an extremely unique style and sound that she’s been developing since the pandemic. A natural artist, entertainer, and musician, Shan.X is sure to make big waves in the next year.

“Me” single

Shan.X - “Me” cover art

“I try not to think about it ‘cause I’m not flawless. I got monsters and they be poppin’ out. In the cut, now he got me wondering if he had enough. Can’t wait till we countin’ a million bucks. Ain’t stoppin’ till I reach my goals, I ain’t finished. I was so high – thought I was on the ceiling. Prayin’ I’d go, tryna dip on my demons. Bring it back to right now, he got me all in my feelings. Pour it up, fill a cup now the liquor got me leanin’.” – lyrics

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