Apple Music + R&B Now playlist + Summer Walker

Apple Music’s “R&B Now” playlist features Atlanta’s rising-star Summer Walker

Apple Music proudly announced the launch of R&B Now, the new home for the vanguard of R&B music, formerly known as The A-List: R&B. The signature playlist cover artwork for R&B Now will feature a different artist each week. Also, that artist’s latest release will receive the highly coveted #1 spot on the playlist.

Summer Walker – “Come Thru” (feat. Usher)

“How many people actually get the artist they sampled on the song with them? To have Usher on this with me is so amazing and such a big deal for me and R&B in general. I hope everyone loves our spin on his classic record.” – Summer Walker

R&B Now features Summer Walker and her brand new single, “Come Thru,” with Usher. The sexy duet is about late-night urges and is highlighted on Walker’s official debut album, entitled, “Over It”. The sultry song bridges two generations of Atlanta royalty and represents the present and future of the genre. Also, the likable tune samples Usher’s 1997 hit, “You Make Me Wanna….”

Apple Music – R&B Now Playlist – Summer Walker

“R&B Now will make sure the world understands that this genre is the backbone and the essential glue of all popular music genres in the world. We are so excited to set this off!” – Ebro Darden, Apple Music Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B

We recommend adding Summer Walker’s “Come Thru” single to your playlist and subscribe to R&B Now to stay up on the latest and greatest that the genre has to offer. Additionally, to celebrate her position on the R&B Now playlist, Summer Walker sat down with fellow artist Ari Lennox. During their conversation, the two friends talked about dating and the state of R&B music.

The full episode will air on Beats 1 on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

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